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How to wear a velvet tiara and step by step to make yours

If you want to complement the look with a perfect accessory, the solution is here. The velvet tiara has been successful among fashionistas, as it has a unique charm and works in various styles. Do you want to know more about her? So, check out beautiful visual inspirations with this tiara and tutorials to make one!

30 velvet tiara photos that will convince you to adhere to the accessory

Follow these look inspirations with the accessory and learn how to use it. We are sure you will fall in love!

1. Some accessories make that breathy look even better

2. And increase the basiquinhos

3. Bet on the tiara that makes you radiant

4. With the right color, you ooze attitude

5. In this option, the details take care of the look

6. Altinhas are all good!

7. For animal print lovers, this is the perfect tiara

8. If you want a versatile tiara, bet on black

9. Or in a plain color, but nothing basic

10. Versions with pebbles have won the love of influencers

11. And the bonds are beyond romantic

12. The truth is that the velvet tiara is right

13. Because there are versions for all tastes and styles

14. What is yours?

15. And this braided tiara?

16. A knockout, huh?

17. For any occasion

18. Have a hair accessory that makes you even more beautiful

19. And stylish, of course!

20. How can you not be enchanted?

21. Bet on your favorite

22. And be successful with your velvet tiara

23. After all, we always deserve to rock, don’t we?

24. And having the right accessory for this is essential

25. To take the look from the basics

26. How about betting on pearls?

27. The options for models and colors are endless

28. So choose the one that suits you best

29. Wear your velvet tiara and a smile

30. And just be successful with your choice!

Amazing, isn’t it? This tiara provides a lot of style and delicacy, so play without fear in this mara trend!

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How to make a velvet tiara at home

Now that you know all the charm of the accessory, how about making your own tiara using velvet? Check out these tutorials and get to work!

Velvet Tiara with knot

In this video, you learn how to make a wonderful velvet tiara. The best thing is that you don’t need any sewing: you’ll just need a tiara, hot glue, velvet, scissors, pin, measuring tape and a lot of creativity!

velvet braided tiara

If you don’t want to sew, follow this tutorial on how to make an awesome braided tiara with hot glue. It’s easy and the result is impeccable: it’s worth checking out!

Velvet braided tiara with stitching

This one is for those who are willing to sew. The braids make the accessory even more stylish, so be sure to check it out and create the tiara your way!

velvet high tiara

The high and padded options are a sure hit. You can make your own with a tiara and simple dishwashing sponges, can you believe it? Take a look at the video and see the step by step of this amazing option!

You can see why the velvet tiara is so successful, right? An accessory full of style and versatility like this cannot be left out of your closet! To rock yours, take a look at these tiara hairstyles and get inspired!

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