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How to do a beautiful makeup with just 5 items

What woman has never gone through a time of financial difficulty in which it was difficult to spend on makeup? Anyone who has been through this knows how difficult it is to unfold to keep beauty up to date without spending a lot. In order to make your life easier, in this article we show you a beautiful makeup suggestion that uses only five items and doesn’t leave you with empty pockets and a clean face.

To do this makeup you will need: a high coverage foundation, a blush, a translucent powder, an eyelash mask and a lipstick or gloss, as you prefer. These products exist in national versions of good quality and at an affordable price, it is worth searching in cosmetics and perfumery stores.

Step 1: High coverage foundation

So you don’t have to use a concealer to cover up blemishes and imperfections, opt for a high-coverage foundation or a 3-in-1 foundation that has the effect of concealer, foundation, and powder. However, before buying, try the shade on your face, as it will be very strong, so the tone should be exactly compatible with your skin color.

To apply foundation, use foundation brush, sponge or your fingers. Start on the forehead, and apply “down” to the rest of the face. Don’t forget to apply it on the mobile eyelid and leave the foundation very homogeneous on your skin for a natural look.

Step 2: Blush

Blush is the second step to make your makeup beautiful. Choose a shade that is similar to your skin tone, but more flushed. Avoid the pink ones, as they can be too artificial on the face. Give a slight smile and apply to the apple of your cheek if you have a thin or elongated face. Apply more below the cheekbones if you have a square or rounder face to give your face a contour.

Step 3: Translucent powder

The translucent powder (suitable for most skin types), applied after the blush and foundation gives the face the necessary finish and reduces the shine of the skin’s oiliness. This step is important and should not be skipped, especially on hot days. Powder can also help to prolong the duration of makeup, but its effect is still much smoother than a primer effect, which holds makeup for much longer.

Apply the powder to your face with a powder brush, those very full and soft, spreading lightly over the entire face, including where you applied the blush. This technique gives more naturalness to the look, leaving your face looking healthy and beautiful.

Step 4: Mascara Mascara

The eyelash mask is the penultimate step of this makeup and is essential to make the look even more feminine. Choose your favorite mascara and apply it over and under your upper lashes in a zigzag motion. Apply one layer, wait for it to dry and apply another layer to give the doll eyelashes effect.

Step 5: Lipstick or gloss

Finally, the last step is to make your mouth beautiful and full of color. As in this makeup we do not apply any shadow or eyeliner to the eyes, the mouth must be in full evidence. We suggest a red, wine, pink or coral lipstick or gloss. Choose the color that best suits you or the look you are wearing and finish off the makeup with a very striking mouth. A tip is to use a long-lasting lipstick in gloss, as they are well pigmented and last a long time.

This makeup suggestion looks very beautiful and can be used on several occasions, such as a club or dinner. Pay attention to the eyelashes and the choice of lipstick to make the look more attractive. Try doing this makeup and you will see that it is possible to put on makeup and look beautiful without having to buy hundreds of different products.

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