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28 practical and tasty recipes for those who live alone

Even those who love to cook can be a little put off by the prospect of cooking just for themselves. After all, spending hours in the kitchen preparing a dish for one is not always a practical or attractive option for everyday life. However, living alone is no excuse to eat poorly, always repeat the same recipes or surrender to a diet based on instant noodles and frozen food.

Even those who don’t have much experience in the kitchen can enjoy a varied menu without having to devote great effort to preparing meals. Dishes with pasta, pies and meats can be prepared in a short time and provide very practical lunches. For quicker meals, you can vary a lot in sandwiches and always have different alternatives for dinner or snacks throughout the day.

Living alone is also no reason to skip desserts or live only with ready-made sweets. With few ingredients and just a few minutes, some recipes can yield delicious desserts and add an extra touch to your meals.

Check out the list of 30 tips for tasty, easy and quick recipes to prepare at different times of your day. To view the ingredients and method of preparation, simply click on the name of the recipe highlighted in pink at the beginning of each paragraph.

savory meals

1. Fritada: the frittata is a dish that takes the eggs to the oven and yields a result that is almost an egg pie. This recipe uses tomatoes, peppers, red onions, cheese and potatoes – which are quickly prepared in the microwave.

2. Chicken Stroganoff: this recipe teaches you how to prepare a chicken stroganoff in a simple and very quick way. Ready in a few minutes, the dish can be accompanied by white rice and potato straw.

3. Penne with green beans and smoked sausage: pasta is naturally easy to prepare, and this recipe is even simpler without even using sauce. Still, the dish is colorful and tasty with the sausage and green beans.

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4. Easy Pizza: Anyone who likes to venture into pasta will like this super simple pizza dough recipe. With the dough ready, you can assemble the pizza with the toppings you prefer.

5. Wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella: here the wholemeal pennette pasta is accompanied by a tomato sauce that is easy to make a little cheese. The result is a healthy and tasty pasta dish.

6. Pork ribs: the alternative to prepare the ribs much faster than roasting them is to use the pressure cooker. In just 40 minutes, the meat is done – juicy and tender.

7. Minced meat in black beer: this recipe combines beef, bacon and black beer and can be prepared in less than an hour and yields a delicious and different dish to accompany your everyday white rice.

8. Tuna pie: easy and quick to prepare, this pie is very pretty and colorful. In addition, she can accompany you for a few days at different meals.

9. Cabbage and pepperoni pie: with a very practical preparation – with the dough blended in the blender – this recipe combines cabbage and pepperoni and takes about 40 minutes to bake.

10. Vegetable soup: this recipe takes your favorite vegetables (or those you have at home) to the blender, yielding a healthy, colorful and tasty soup. The tip is to freeze what’s left and have a meal ready on other days.


11. Nutella Cake: This cake has one of the easiest recipes in the world – it only takes three ingredients (Nutella, wheat flour and eggs) and goes in the oven for about 30 minutes. To make it even more delicious, the tip is a semisweet chocolate ganache frosting.

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12. Caipirinha pavé: this pavé has a cream made from lemon, cream, condensed milk and cachaça, and is assembled in alternating layers with cookies.

13. Ice Cream + Cookie: You don’t even need to do great culinary experiments to have a great dessert. In this recipe, all you need is to combine ice cream, a stuffed cookie and chocolate syrup.

14. Strawberry Pavé: the recipe is easy and super quick. All the ingredients are easy to find and your only effort will be to chop everything into pieces to assemble the dish.

15. Sweet and Savory Waffles: This recipe is to make you wish you had a waffle maker! The preparation is very simple, just beat all the ingredients in the blender, and the dough can be used for both sweet and savory complements.

16. Brigadeirão: it is very likely that you already have all the ingredients needed for the recipe at home – sour cream, condensed milk, chocolate powder, sugar, eggs and margarine. The total time to have the dish ready is approximately 25 minutes and the cooking is done in the microwave.

17. Vapt-vupt strawberry dessert: here you mix strawberries, cream and condensed milk in a cream and assemble everything in layers, alternating with cookies. The recipe is quick to prepare and yields a beautiful and fresh dish.

18. Banana cake: when you live alone, it’s normal for the fruit to be overcooked before you have time to eat it. This recipe takes advantage of overripe bananas and results in an easy and tasty cake.

19. Nutella mousse: this recipe is super simple, quick and has a delicious result. Just mix the nutella with cream and the mousse is ready.

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20. Sausage Snacks: what you need for this recipe is sausage, loaf of bread, cheese, tomato, eggs, mustard and margarine. With common ingredients, the result is a different and quick snack.

21. Cachorrão da Afonso Pena: the secret of this hot dog recipe is the combination of mayonnaise. There are seven flavors of mayonnaise that make all the difference in the final result of the snack.

22. Hot hole: a practical recipe for a well-seasoned ground beef sandwich, which can be frozen for a second, even more practical, filling.

23. Pa amb tomàquet: the name is difficult, but the recipe is super easy. It is a Catalan tomato sandwich that requires few ingredients and you can use that bread that is already getting hard.

24. Natural chicken sandwich: a good option for a healthy sandwich, this recipe can be prepared with wholemeal bread and yogurt or light mayonnaise in the filling.

25. Burger at home: this one is for those who want to eat without worrying about calories. The recipe is for a homemade flank steak burger mounted on a sandwich with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.

26. Chicken sandwich with gorgonzola, bacon and arugula: the combination of ingredients results in a colorful, tasty and simple to prepare filling. The tip is to put the bread in the oven for a warm sandwich.

27. Husband’s Sandwich: This sandwich is made with olive mayonnaise, mustard, cheese and arugula. The main ingredient is pastrami, smoked meat sliced ​​into very thin pieces.

28. Sea Wrap: Just wrap the stuffing – which, in this case, is shrimp, salmon, cheese and lettuce – in a wrap and the dish is ready. Wraps can be found ready-made in the market and the filling can vary according to your preference.

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