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How a man hides that he likes a woman: 15 telltale signs

Is there a man who caught your attention?

Don’t you know if he’s starting to have feelings for you?

Do you have mixed feelings, because at times he gets closer, but then he walks away?

Many of us women find ourselves at the crossroads of knowing what a man’s emotions are.

There are many men who find it difficult to express their feelings. And there are several reasons for them to act in this way.

Perhaps they feel insecure or perhaps they are very proud.

It may also be that you have a lot of personality. This inhibits them and it is difficult for them to take action and show you that they like you.

In any case, no matter how much a man wants to hide that he likes you, there are signs that give him away.

This is where this article comes in and shows you in detail what those telltale signs are.

Thanks to this you will be able to decipher that enigmatic boy that you recently met and is beginning to charm you with his mysterious attitude.

15 Secrets To Find Out If A Guy Is Starting To Feel Something For You

1) He looks away when you look at him

A classic way of transmitting our emotions is through our eyes. Thanks to her we can know if someone feels something for us.

That is why men who want to hide that they like a woman avoid eye contact. It ends up being obvious, when this happens repeatedly.

It may also happen that you catch him looking at you and he can’t look away. Then, he will talk to you about any insignificant topic, like the weather, to camouflage his true intentions.

2) He is always close to you, but he does not speak to you

You can tell a guy likes you if he leans into you when you’re talking. In addition, you will be able to notice that his body is facing you.

Perhaps he does not emit a word, but if he did not feel anything for you, his body would also express it. She would walk away, she would distance herself from you or she would go to another person of interest to her.

The fact that his posture is so open towards you will surely catch your attention, but do not make a comment. He doesn’t want to mess her up with something wrong that she might say.

He may also believe that if he doesn’t talk to you, you won’t notice that he likes you. But this is a clear sign that she is trying to hide her feelings.

3) He shows you his disinterest in an overly emphatic way

When someone is trying to hide something, like they like you, they may exaggerate their actions in order to do so.

You may see him yawning in a way that doesn’t look very authentic.

Or turn away abruptly, if you want to speak directly to him.

He can also start chatting with the person next to him, to show you his disinterest.

All these signs are ways of trying to hide that a man likes a girl.

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4) He is smiling while listening to you, but stops when you realize it

When one is in love or likes another person, there are gestures that are manifested without realizing it. The clearest example is the smile.

If you see the person you like, it is very likely that that gawking smile will form. It is an unconscious action that comes from the heart.

So if this ever happens and you notice it, he’ll stop doing it right away.

He will surely get very nervous and could even walk away from where the two of you are.

5) Start talking to another woman near you

Does it surprise you to see this guy always close to you, but talking to a different girl? Don’t think it’s a coincidence.

You may even start to flirt with them and make them laugh. He does this because in reality it is what he cannot do with you and would like to.

Download all that energy of attraction that he has with you, with other women, to hide that he is in love with you.

Also, you can tell that this is so, because when he is talking to any girl, he looks at you from time to time.

He may even seek to make you jealous, to find out if you are also interested in him.

6) He tells you something nice and then covers it up with something nasty

We all know how it feels when you like someone and we don’t want to show it for fear of rejection.

But many times we cannot control that resistance and something escapes us. For example, a compliment or start talking incessantly with that person we like.

Then, we realize that we are doing the complete opposite of what we wanted to do.

In reality, what we wanted to do was to hide our attraction to that person.

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That is why, perhaps this boy will start to make fun of you or make some inappropriate comment after praising you.

He wants to disorient your suspicions that he likes you a lot.

7) Has physical contact by accident and withdraws

This is a signal similar to the previous one, but it has to do with physical contact.

He likes you and may accidentally touch you to feel close. Perhaps he brushes against your spleen, he rests his hand on your shoulder, or he moves you out of his way, gently taking you from behind.

Of course, after that you will turn to look at him.

At this time he can react in various ways to hide his true intentions.

Perhaps he begins to walk and ignores this contact.

He may also look at you with an annoyed or angry face that you are in his way.

8) If they sit together, he changes places

You may also have been surprised by the fact that as soon as you sat down next to this guy, he got up and changed places.

You also notice that when he changes it is not because he wants to relate to another person. This one doesn’t seem to have an apparent reason.

The reality is that, if he did not like you, he would not give importance to the fact that you are by his side.

Additionally, when he makes this change, he still keeps you in his vision radius.

Another alternative may be that the opposite happens.

He sits next to you, but making an excuse to hide that he likes you.

If they’re in a meeting, he says he sees better from there. Perhaps it indicates that he wants to sit next to the person who is on the other side of him.

9) He wants to hold your hand, but he hides it with simple touches

Holding the urge to hold the hand of the person you love can become really difficult.

If he brushes against your hand and you notice, but find this gesture strange, it’s because he definitely likes you.

It is his way of channeling in some way that he wants to have your hands in his. And this is the best way she found to cover up her true desire.

10) He stops texting you

Perhaps it happens that you already have contact with this man. They can be friends or he is a mutual acquaintance of one of your friends.

Both have their telephone contact and from time to time they send messages.

So it is very important that you analyze their way of conversing through text messages.

For example, when they start having a deep conversation, it can happen that he stops responding to you. Then he answers you later or he doesn’t.

He’s trying to avoid this kind of talk, because he’s afraid to reveal, through some phrase, how he feels about you.

It may also be that he wants to hide that he likes you by showing disinterest, stopping answering you.

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He may even want to attract your attention, keeping you waiting for his answer. He wants to be mysterious with you.

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been through this with the boys. They want to make themselves interesting by not answering.

When in reality they would spend hours writing to you, because they just want to be with you.

Of course you must be careful in these cases with their true intentions. Some may have a genuine interest, but others just want to get you into bed.

11) He acts strangely

While men can be pretty good at hiding their feelings, it doesn’t mean they find it easy.

And usually their behavior won’t be exactly “normal.”

If he likes you but tries too hard not to show it, then he can’t help but act weird.

Some examples could be that he stumbles over his words or tries to show off in front of you, but ends up causing the opposite. You may even end up thinking that he is a “weird” guy.

You may sweat a little, or breathe deeply or rapidly.

You can also make one joke after another, until your behavior becomes boring or intense.

If you’re constantly being told jokes or made fun of, he’s probably interested, but trying to hide it.

If you like him, don’t let his weirdness distract you or dampen the feelings you have for him.

Just play along discreetly.

Once he warms up and realizes that you like him, he’ll relax and start showing his true feelings.

12) He Sends You Mixed Signals

It can happen that he is super sweet or attentive to you one day, but cold and distant the next.

You see it and it seems that you can’t decide how you want to act with you.

This is one of the sure signs that a man is hiding his true feelings for a woman.

He’s trying to act cool. But in some moments, his feelings take over and he starts to get confused in the way he wants to behave with you.

This, in turn, causes you to not know what to make of him.

If you have feelings for him, then you may need to take the first step in starting to talk about his true feelings.

Otherwise, you can be left waiting for a long time.

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