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How a man says goodbye when he likes you: 17 unmistakable signs

When it comes to discerning someone’s interest in you, it’s not always straightforward, especially for men who often struggle to express their feelings.

So, how can you unravel this mystery? Pay close attention to the signals a guy gives when he says goodbye. Here are 24 key indicators to watch out for:

1) Intense Eye Contact

  • Men are visually inclined. If he can’t take his eyes off you, it’s a clear sign of attraction.
  • He’ll aim to leave a lasting memory by looking deep into your eyes when he bids farewell.

2) The Grinning Goodbye

  • A genuine smile as he says goodbye is a strong indicator of his interest.
  • His happiness around you is a consistent theme from the moment you meet until you part ways.

3) Raised Eyebrows and Waving

  • Notice his eyebrows. If they rise when you say goodbye, it signals genuine intrigue.
  • This is a subconscious gesture, revealing his positive fascination with you.

4) Waiting to Say Goodbye Last

  • He wants to leave you with the final image of him.
  • His body language will be directed towards you, showing he’s fully focused on you.

5) Deep Breaths and Goodbyes

  • He might take a deep breath, indicating heightened emotions around you.
  • This instinctual response is a subtle sign of his attraction.

6) Nervous Gestures

  • Post-goodbye, watch for fidgeting like adjusting his shirt or hair. Nervousness is a clear sign of interest.

7) Laughter and Farewell

  • Even if it’s not particularly funny, he’ll laugh to leave a happy impression.
  • His laughter is an encouraging sign that he enjoys your company.
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8) Show of Interest

  • He might strategically position himself for a chance to interact with you.
  • He’s trying to maintain an air of mystery while secretly staying attentive.

9) Playful Jokes

  • Making you laugh before you part ways is a classic flirting technique.
  • If he succeeds, it’s a clear sign of his attraction.

10) Pre-Goodbye Grooming

  • Adjusting his appearance before saying goodbye indicates he wants to leave a lasting impression.

11) Masculine Posture

  • Notice if he puffs out his chest and stands tall, projecting confidence.
  • He’s asserting himself, not just for you, but also to ward off potential competition.

12) Physical Contact

  • If he initiates physical contact, like a touch or a kiss on the cheek, he’s trying to create a lasting memory.

13) Compliments and Farewells

  • He’ll notice changes in your appearance and won’t hesitate to compliment you.
  • This shows he’s attentive and attracted to you.

14) Reluctance to Leave

  • If he lingers after saying goodbye, it’s a clear sign of his interest.
  • He doesn’t want to be apart from you.

15) Dilated Pupils

  • Look closely. Dilated pupils reveal his emotional connection and attraction.

16) Positive Body Language

  • An open and inviting posture speaks volumes about his feelings towards you.

17) Phone Aside, Focus on You

  • Putting away his phone when you’re about to leave is a modern-day indicator of genuine interest.

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