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Heccus: reduction of localized fat, cellulite and sagging

Vain women are always looking for new products and aesthetic treatments that can help them feel even more beautiful. Many of them are bothered, for example, with that little fat located in a certain part of the body and that, despite the practice of physical exercises, seems to “not get out of there” for nothing!

In this sense, the treatments offered in aesthetic and/or dermatological clinics become a great option and, combined with physical activities and a healthy diet, can help women to achieve the expected results.

Among the new treatments currently offered, one has drawn the attention of women for promising great results: Heccus, which is a non-invasive body aesthetic device that offers no side effects.

How is the treatment done?

The modern Heccus equipment combines ultrasound therapy, medium frequency current therapy (Aussie current) and joint therapy (ultrasound and Aussie current).

“Its objective is, through the heat of the ultrasound, to break down fat cells and, through the Aussie current, to increase metabolism so that this fat is eliminated from the body through feces and urine”, explains Priscila Guimarães, businesswoman and owner of the Santo Corpo Wellness and Health Space.

The Aussie Current provides tripolar electrical stimuli to activate the lymphatic system, which increases local metabolism, promoting the breakdown of fat cells. In this way, the treatment is enhanced and presents good results in less time, including working on the issue of sagging.

“The patient lies on the massage table. A gel and ultrasound are then applied to the chosen area, in circular motions. There may be a feeling of heating on the skin and a slight discomfort caused by the electric current, which can be alleviated by the professional who is doing the application”, explains Priscila Guimarães.

Who is it for?

According to Priscila, the treatment is suitable for anyone – whether male or female – who wants an aid in localized fat loss, in the treatment of cellulite and sagging.

This is because, among the results, we can highlight: the activation of the lymphatic system (ensuring better lymphatic drainage), the improvement of sagging and texture of the skin, the improvement of the definition of the muscles, the improvement of cellulite and the reduction of localized fat. (measure reduction).

The professional adds that the most common areas for treatment are the thighs, the back of the thighs, the so-called “culottes” and the abdomen region.

Number of sessions

Priscila Guimarães explains that at least 10 sessions and a maximum of 30 sessions per program should be done, always on alternate days. The cost of each one is around 80 reais, depending a lot on the city/place where the treatment will be carried out.

Some results can be felt in the first session. At the end of it, it is possible to lose up to three centimeters of measurement. However, this loss is not definitive. “In the first session, the fat molecules will break down, but what will actually be eliminated is the excess liquid in the abdomen region. So much so that in the second session you may have gained two centimeters, on average, in the region. That is, almost the initial measure of the beginning of the procedure”, explains Priscila.

The professional emphasizes that the result will only be verified at the end of the procedure, which requires at least 10 sessions. The total loss of measurements is usually 4 to 10 centimeters, on average.

It is worth mentioning that, for really satisfactory results, the patient also needs to collaborate, ingesting a lot of water – to facilitate the body’s metabolism and the elimination of broken fat – and following an adequate diet.

See how a Heccus session works:


Priscila Guimarães highlights that there are some contraindications: people with IUDs, prostheses and pacemakers can undergo treatment only with written medical authorization. “In addition, treatment during the gestational stage is strictly prohibited,” she adds.

Heccus x Manthus

This is a very common question among people, as both types of treatment apparently offer the same results.

“Both have the same technology, ultrasound plus electrical currents. However, there are people who feel a difference in their treatment, preferring one to the other”, explains Priscila.

Now you have all the information you need about Heccus. It is worth remembering that, as in the case of all procedures that involve action on the human body, it is very important to look for a good place, with reliable professionals, to perform the treatment. If in doubt, be sure to consult your doctor before starting the sessions.

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