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Prayer to Our Lady of Guia to open paths – Witches of Love

Make the sign of the cross The Celestial Court perpetually sings your praises,O Queen of Angels and Saints, Sovereign, Clement and Merciful. Thou art the refuge of sinners, and therefore I come, contrite,ask you for your intercession with your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,forgiveness for my sins,and the grace to avoid the evil ways that lead to perdition. I beseech ...

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Tips for Using Love Powders

Many people ask me about the use of powders in magic, but I have only used them in sympathies like Butterfly and Papaya for Oxum. But you better be careful with the type of powder you use. A friend here said that she used the “Corre Gira” powder in a spell and the loved one disappeared. That’s why it’s important ...

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28/10 – Day of São Judas Tadeu – Witches of Love

São Judas Tadeu is not a saint to whom one appeals when it comes to matters of love, but I could not fail to mention the date, considering that I am devoted to this glorious Catholic saint, because until today, I have never asked for a grace from São Judas Tadeu, which has not been answered. It’s a very personal ...

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Prayer of Dona Sete Encruzilhadas – Witches of Love

This prayer or rather Prayer of Dona Sete Encruzilhadas, it is not specific to love, it serves to open paths in general. I wasn’t even going to post it today, I was going to post another one, but I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t resist, I think there must be someone who is always here, has faith ...

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Prayer of Oya / Iansã to promote changes in life, achieve victories and still get rid of rivals. – Witches of Love

If your life is at a standstill, if things haven’t worked out very well, Iansã can help you move them forward, making it easier to get everything you want. . PRAYER TO IANSÃ Iansã, mother and lady of winds and storms, of distressed hours and lost souls.Mistress of all directions. Operative divinity in favor of the designs of the fallen ...

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