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Sympathy to ward off rival II – Witches of Love

Write on a piece of paper the name of your rival along with the name of your loved one. Then fold the paper neatly. Put it in a pot along with a mixture of coarse salt and chili pepper. Close the jar and say with great conviction: “The love of So-and-so (name of your loved one) by Beltrana (rival’s name) ...

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Sympathy for Talking Child sent by Joice – Witches of Love

Witches, I know that many of you are mothers and I often receive requests for sympathies about children, whether for walking, crawling or talking. Also, I received a request this week from Sympathy to grow hair on babies. I promise I’ll bring them all to you! Every weekend I will bring new prayers and sympathies, since it’s my tarot spare ...

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Spell to not be betrayed – Witches of Love

Take a new brick with six holes (like the one pictured above), bury it in your yard without covering it up, so the holes are unobstructed. On a Friday night, after nine o’clock, light six candles, placing them inside each hole in the brick. Keep watching until they all go out, even if they don’t burn out completely. When this ...

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Gypsy prayer to ward off gossips – Witches of Love

This gypsy prayer keeps gossips away. Do it in front of an open window facing the street.“God is a father, not a stepfather.God is stronger than the devil.God dwells in my house.Evil dwells in the gossip language.Here evil does not enter, because I am with God.Gossip doesn’t reach me, because I’m His son.Whoever has a sharp tongue should be careful, ...

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