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Freckles: how to prevent, eliminate or enhance them even more

Freckles are often a reason for doubt among women. After all, should you keep or remove them? The truth is that the natural aspect of the skin has been increasingly valued. This means that freckles are also being seen as something beautiful, which was once a resistance in the world of beauty.

And they really are beautiful! However, it is up to the woman to decide whether she wants to eliminate them or not. First of all, learn how these small spots arise and what are the best treatments for prevention and removal.

What are freckles and how do they appear?

According to Bruna Vallcorba, a physician at the Mais Excellence Medical clinic, “ephelides, popularly known as freckles, are pigmented spots that can vary from light to dark brown and that affect especially people with fair skin.” Check out more details on how freckles appear:

  • Genetics: People who have close relatives with freckles are more likely to develop them as well.
  • Sun exposure: Excessive sun exposure and carelessness with the use of sunscreen are factors that directly contribute to the appearance of freckles.

The doctor also explains that freckles can vary and manifest in different patterns. To differentiate, it is important to consult a dermatologist.

Are freckles a health problem?

According to Vallcorba, freckles are benign, that is, there is no risk of turning into skin cancer. “The risk, in genetically predisposed people, is the increase in melanogenesis, a process in which melanin formation occurs in areas of frequent sun exposure. As a result, the amount of pigmentation accelerates and accumulates, causing blemishes. For this and other reasons, the daily use of sunscreen is essential.”

How to have freckles?

Because it is a genetic trait, it is not possible to develop freckles. Sunbathing without sunscreen for this purpose is not recommended because, in addition to not being able to develop freckles, you can have serious skin problems.

Fake freckles with makeup: tutorial

Freckles are on the rise and even those who don’t naturally want to bet on this look. Check out Andressa Camargo’s tutorial that teaches how to make fake freckles using a hair clip and some brown powder product. Were you curious? Just play the video!

Freckles: how to get rid of them

Freckles do not pose a health problem for women. However, there are those who consider them charming and those who prefer to see them from afar. Here are some treatments to eliminate them:

  1. Cream lighteners: this is the most common and easiest treatment to apply. There are a number of cream lighteners on the market that can help lighten freckles. It is worth remembering that prior consultation with a specialist in the area is important.
  2. Chemical Peeling: Chemical peeling acts to remove the damaged layers of the skin and, therefore, is efficient in the process of whitening freckles.
  3. Laser: sessions of pulsed light directly on the freckles help to lighten them quickly. The number of sessions may vary from woman to woman.

The doctor highlights the importance of keeping an eye on freckles. “It is very common for people to confuse spots, freckles and moles. The spots can be birthmarks or acquired. The moles, on the other hand, should be observed by a professional who will identify possible changes in color, size and texture”, she explains.

How to prevent freckles

In addition to the face, freckles can also appear on the arms, shoulders and neck. For those who are predisposed to spots, prevention methods help a lot so that they do not appear or intensify.

  • Use sunscreen: sunscreen is a great ally in preventing blemishes and skin diseases in general. Applying it frequently prevents freckles from appearing and darkening.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun: especially in summer, the ideal is to avoid long exposure to the sun, because UV rays can damage and severely damage the skin.

With attention and some simple care it is possible to control the appearance or increase of freckles. Always pay attention and seek to expose yourself to the early morning and late afternoon sun.

15 photos of women who look even prettier with their freckles

On the rise in the world of beauty and fashion, freckles are now a source of pride for many women. And it’s not hard to understand why. Look!

1. Freckles are nothing to be ashamed of

2. On the contrary: they are wonderful!

3. Make up a natural beauty

4. It defies standards

5. And make you unique

6. Impossible not to love them!

7. One charm only

8. Even fake freckles are on the rise

9. No need to hide them with makeup

10. Assume them in your favor

11. And don’t be afraid to show them off

12. Synonym of empowerment

13. Self love

14. And pride

15. Smile and be happy with your freckles!

With so many wonderful inspirations, you’ve probably already changed your mind about freckles. After all, they are part of a woman’s personality and beauty. If before these spots were hidden under makeup on your face, it’s time to show them to the world!

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