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Discover how to gain weight with healthy foods and habits

Many people want to see the number on the scale go down. On the other hand, there are those who want just the opposite. If you’re looking for tips on how to gain weight, you’ve come to the right post. Nutritionist Bárbara Plentz Yado (CRN 14678D) gives suggestions on good foods and how to gain weight without harming your health.

8 tips on how to gain weight healthy

According to nutritionist Bárbara Plentz Yado, excessive thinness can be related to different factors. It could be physical illness, psychological illness, hormonal disorder or simply not having good eating habits. All this can generate excessive thinness and make it difficult to gain weight. However, nothing is impossible to reverse. Check out the tips:

1. Seek professional help

The first step is to look for a qualified professional, who will carry out a complete evaluation: both physical and laboratory exams. From this information, the person receives an exclusive diet, which was designed for them. According to nutritionist Barbara, “we can’t take the diet of a friend, mother, neighbor, much less a diet taken from the internet, because it certainly won’t work”.

2. Eat real food

Nutritionist Bárbara comments that the best foods for those who want to gain weight are real foods, preferably those that we don’t buy in a package. They are those rich in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, animal protein, healthy fats. Thus, it is possible to have good results without harming the functioning of the organism.

3. Bet on good fats

Fat is essential for the proper functioning of our body and needs to be consumed always, even by people who want to lose weight. Examples of good fats are olive oil, nuts, peanuts, nuts, seeds in general, and avocados. It is possible to vary the foods and it is always necessary to respect the appropriate proportions, according to the diet made by a nutritionist.

4. Prioritize proteins

Protein, in addition to being a very beneficial source of energy, helps in gaining lean mass. Like any other macronutrient, it must be consumed in a healthy way and the amount needs to be calculated. It is important to always give preference to healthier proteins, such as eggs, beans, chickpeas, milk and meats – preferably roasted, grilled or boiled.

5. Don’t go for long periods without eating

It is recommended that you have small snacks between the main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make nutritious choices like servings of fruits and nuts like nuts and cashews. Delights that do you good.

6. Do physical activities

Anyone who thinks that moving the body is something necessary just to lose weight is wrong. Physical activity for weight gain is also important, because it will help the person to decrease fat mass and increase lean mass, generating a healthy weight gain. It is worth emphasizing that it is also interesting to have guidance from a professional in the area.

7. Be careful with sugar and fast food

According to nutritionist Barbara, it is essential to avoid empty calories, that is, those supercaloric foods, such as fried foods, sugar, excess fats, fast food. To gain weight it is, yes, important to consume more energy than you expend. However, these food choices can harm health and contribute to the onset of diseases.

8. Be patient

A very important tip for those who want to gain weight is not to give up. According to Bárbara Yado, weight does not come overnight, the results are not immediate. You have to be patient, persist and follow the food plan correctly. Thus, this process occurs in a healthy way and the new habits end up staying for life.

Contrary to what many people think, gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing it. However, with professional guidance and commitment, you will get there!

List of foods that help you gain weight healthy

Chocolate, chips and soda help to put on weight, but not in a good way. If you are looking for a healthy life, don’t let these items be missing from your diet.

  • Avocado: with high nutritional value, this fruit can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. It is a source of good fat, promotes satiety and helps in proper intestinal functioning.
  • Lean meats: are always the best option. Give preference to those with less apparent fat and opt for the preparation that does not involve too much fat (baking, grilling, cooking). In addition, it is important to vary between types of meat, such as chicken, beef, pork and fish.
  • Brown rice: yes, carbohydrates are also part of a healthy diet, as long as it is balanced. Brown rice helps you feel full and is rich in fiber.
  • Salmon: This is an excellent source of protein – and very tasty too. Salmon is known to be rich in omega-3s, but it also has selenium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  • Egg: versatile and complete, the egg is a very complete food, rich in protein and easy to consume. However, we must pay attention to the amount consumed due to its cholesterol content.
  • Sweet potato: this tuber is part of many fitness diets, as it is an excellent source of energy. Sweet potatoes can be eaten baked or boiled, being a healthy source of carbohydrates.
  • Olive oil: both for cooking and for dressing salads, olive oil is part of that group of “good fats”. It contributes to immunity and heart health.

It is worth mentioning that the adequate amount of consumption of these foods must be given by a nutritionist, according to each person’s diet.

Doing physical activities, having professional monitoring and eating in a balanced way are the main guidelines for those who want to gain weight with health. Are you looking for that change? So start with this list of 10 exercises for beginners.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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