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Dandelion meaning in a Tattoo, you did not expect it!

If you are looking for the meaning of dandelion in a tattoowe have to tell you that it can be the materialization of your thoughts, desires and deep desires.

Within nature, the dandelion is one of those unique and special plants. For many people, it is usually very striking because we have been told that it can fulfill wishes and would be linked to positivism. This flower is also often known as a great ally of love because it would represent union and flight in freedom, two very important characteristics for lovers.

In case you want to know what the dandelion is for or you are encouraging yourself to get a tattoo of this plant, then we are going to tell you its real meaning so that you take it into account:

Dandelion Tattoo

What is the meaning of the dandelion tattoo?

Due to its recognized fragility, the dandelion is associated with life and development. As children, we all blow one of these plants, one of the reasons that make a tattoo of this type become a reminder of the stages of life and its constant change. In addition, these types of designs on the skin are recognized as a symbol of innocence, purity and nostalgia.

Dandelion tattoo meaning

Also, it is a way for tattoo lovers to represent memories and memories. Thanks to these passages that go through the mind, the dandelion would reveal the evolution from the past to the present, since the flight of its small and fragile petals is connected with the passage of time and changes.

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Dandelion tattoo meaning only the flower

Very often he is usually shown as the representation of innocence. For many people, they translate into childhood memories. Another thing that it would show is desire and dreams, for that reason they would also want to say that you are a person who always has hope, faith and convictions.

Dandelion tattoo meaning for women

Although we have already pointed out that they can reveal fragility, dandelion in a woman would show strength and the ability to break many armor. This would imply that this tattoo can be the way to show that no matter the blows of life, there will always be a better side of you to overcome them without losing yourself in the amino.

Dandelion and birds tattoo meaning

This dandelion tattoo would mean transformation. This tattoo would reveal that you are delicate but that inside you become something stronger and that it can fly by itself. Also, this image could say that you are independent, liberated and not afraid to evolve and go where you want.

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