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Monthly Horoscope March 2022: Astrological New Year

The astrological New Year promises to renew energies and bring a lot of movement. This happens on March 20th, when the Sun enters Aries – the first sign of the zodiac. Want to understand more about this influence? Check out the March 2022 monthly horoscope.


In March, the planetary alignment of Venus and Mars (the ruler of Aries), significantly impacts people of this sign. This transit happens in Capricorn, bringing the ability to organize, but the influence of this sign shows some challenging Aries traits, such as stubbornness and criticism.

At the end of the first week of the month, this movement passes into Aquarius, triggering a high flow of energy. Creativity and curiosity driven by the Aquarian influence directs Aries natives to see things from a new point of view.

In addition, the Sun in Pisces makes you realize what your deepest desires are and which are not in accordance with your reality at the moment. With the entry of the Sun into your sign on March 20th, the astrological new year begins. Therefore, this is the ideal month to reflect on what you really want to put into practice.


For these natives, the first few weeks of March tend to be challenging, due to the square Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. These two stars awaken the need for change, but at the same time a feeling of repression. That’s because Taureans are afraid of change and choose to stay in their comfort zone.

On March 7, the alignment between Venus and Mars in Aquarius helps bring the courage to “make it happen” what you really want. As Aquarian energies are related to major transformations, you will be driven to think about new perspectives and possibilities.

Piscean energies can trigger good times, bringing more meaning to the way of life – especially at work. Use and abuse creativity.


The transits that will affect the sign of Gemini are: Sun in Pisces, Jupiter, Lunation in Pisces and Mercury in Pisces. The entry of your ruling planet into Pisces on the 9th can bring low vibrational energy. This means that Pisces sensitivity and spirituality can arouse feelings that are difficult to deal with.

According to March 2022 monthly horoscopethese low vibrations can hit Gemini.

As always, you also tend to feel impatient with the dramas in your relationships. Be careful not to invalidate the other’s feelings. On the other hand, the influence of Pisces can benefit professional life, mainly through new opportunities, new contacts or partnerships.

This is also a good time to invest in vocational courses. Your ruler’s placement leads you to work in a more inspired way and you feel motivated to excel.

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Sensitivity sums up the month of March for Cancers, due to the strong influence of Pisces. Since February, the Sun and Jupiter are transiting Pisces and Mercury joins them on the 9th. All this indicates a very busy period, in which emotions will be at the forefront.

On the 2nd, a new moon happens in Pisces. As the Moon is the ruling star of Cancer, these first days of the month will be marked by a great flow of thoughts and feelings. O March 2022 monthly horoscope says that this can end up causing you not to see clearly what is happening.

Despite this, your luck is on the rise this month and you tend to be surprised by your development at work. Listen to your inner wisdom. When the astrological new year happens, you will be able to better understand your feelings and thoughts.


The opposition that is forming between Saturn and the Sun (ruler of Leo) at the beginning of the month impairs vitality leaving Leos vulnerable to mental exhaustion. The tip of March 2022 monthly horoscope It’s sleeping properly, eating well and not overloading yourself this month.

Your sensitivity is evidenced by Pisces energies, which makes you more affectionate and understanding in your relationships. However, with emotions running high, you have to be careful not to take everything personally. Be careful with exaggerations.

The last ten days of March, in particular, are beneficial for putting new projects into practice, exposing ideas and taking initiatives to build what you want in your personal and professional life. This is due to the Sun entering Aries on the 20th.


For Virgo natives, March will be a month where you will learn to communicate better because you will be more willing to explain with patience and listen with empathy.

On the other hand, everything will happen while your feelings are on edge, so it is expected that you will feel frustrated or irritated more easily in these next few days. This emotional intensity is one of the effects caused by the transit of the Sun of Pisces, which is the complementary opposite sign of Virgo.

The entry of Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, into Pisces can bring some challenges, especially emotional ones. However, they can also be a source of personal development, it just depends on how you welcome them.


The month will be the natives of Libra. Early in the month, Venus and Mars align in Aquarius. This is an air sign like Libra, which indicates a period of good luck, inspiration and assertive attitudes.

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These positive energies are also influenced by the alignment of the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. Also, the lunation that happens on the second day of the month also happens while the Moon is transiting Pisces! All this indicates that this period will be conducive for Libras to transform and improve the habits and beliefs that are limiting you.

The entry of the Sun in Aries on March 20th stimulates clarification in the sector of relationships, whether romantic or corporate. After many reflections with the March 2022 monthly horoscopethe Aryan strength helps you to expose your ideas and run after what you want to build.


That Scorpios are very intense is not news to anyone. The point is that this characteristic becomes even more evident at this time, because the influence of Pisces throughout the month of March makes Scorpio people difficult to contain their feelings.

During the next few weeks, you have to be very careful not to let everything affect you deeply. You tend to take everything personally, not questioning your feelings before you put them out in words or actions.

It is important to learn to question these immediate ideas, because our emotions are often altered and, later, you realize that you have seen the situation in a much “heavier” way than it really is.

Between the 10th and 27th of March, Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces. This planetary alignment favors communication, making us calmer and emotionally open to dialogue with empathy and patience.


The month of March is marked by Piscean energies that direct you to better develop empathy and connection with spirituality. In addition, the coming weeks will also bring benefits to relationships, favoring dialogue.

The alignment between Venus and Mars starts to stimulate social activities, exchanges and intellectual development. From the 7th, when these stars begin to transit through Aquarius, the March 2022 monthly horoscope says it will be a good time to invest in their projects.

With all the sensitivity evinced by the Sun and Jupiter (its ruler) in Pisces, care needs to be taken that you don’t end up dealing hostilely with someone. Also, this month’s transits tend to arouse some challenging impulses, related to the exaggerations that are hurting you.


The strong influence of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces this month makes you look inward, but it is common for Capricorns to resist this process.

As hard as it is to recognize and reflect on some feelings, pretending they aren’t there just leads you to act out of control.

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When Piscean energies are well integrated, we are more emotionally available to dialogue and resolve incompatibilities in relationships. However, this only happens if you are willing.

Also, the first six days of March are marked by an alignment of Venus, Mars and Pluto in your sign. The meeting of these stars also evidences willpower, the willingness to overcome oneself and to renew inner strength.

The entry of Venus and Mars in Aquarius on March 6th helps us to renew our energies, especially in the mental field. Avoid psychological exhaustion, you need to know how to respect your rhythm and truly rest.


Many Piscean energies are awakened by the placement of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in the month of March. According to monthly horoscope march 2022, Aquarius will also be a sign that gets a lot of attention right now. On the 6th, Mars enters your sign – a movement that only occurs on average every two years.

As this planet will be next to Venus, Aquarians can expect a lot of movement in their personal and professional relationships.

To deal well with so much energy, take advantage of the influence of Pisces that touches your spirituality to develop it better. You may also feel touched by social causes at this time, being more sensitive to the plight of other people.

During the month, Aquarians will be challenged to respect their limits more. You can develop your own way of fulfilling your tasks. Don’t believe that you will only be good at something if you do it exactly the way someone else does it.


Many movements happen in your sign, after all, the month is for the pools. With the end of the Pisces astral hell, everything becomes calmer and good energy approaches. The alignment between Sun and Jupiter in Pisces that happens during the first few weeks of the month can lead you to look at yourself in a victimized way.

Pisceans, in particular, must be careful that attachment to their sufferings does not cause them to waste time feeling sorry for themselves when they could have already overcome the situation.

O March 2022 monthly horoscope asks for attention with some addictions and compulsions that tend to become stronger at this moment, whatever they may be: every excess hides a lack.

The end of one cycle and the beginning of another, use this time to welcome your feelings and understand yourself better.

However, as Mercury is entering Pisces, the ability to introspect is facilitated and you are able to connect to your inner self more easily.

Enjoy and…

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