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Have you ever thought about what happens on the Internet every minute?

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. At work, at home and even during our commutes, we send messages, check social networks and absorb all this “electronic information”. And that just increases every day. The American media company Cumulus Media decided to systematize some data, based on statistics, to find out exactly what Internet users do on the network in one minute.

The results of this study were surprising: according to him, every 60 seconds we send millions of emails and messages, we publish hundreds of thousands of tweets, we “torment” Google incessantly with questions and we even have time to see more than 1 million profiles on apps to meet people.

We at Incrível.club, based on the infographic by Cumulus Media, even decided to fantasize about how the modern world would change if the Internet suddenly disappeared. See the numbers below.

1. 187 million emails are sent every minute around the world

2. 481 thousand tweets are published

3. 38 million messages are sent via WhatsApp;

4. There are 174,000 publications by users on Instagram

5. Every minute, users make 3.7 million search requests on Google

6. 4.3 million videos are viewed on YouTube

7. 375 thousand applications are installed

8. There are 973,000 hits on Facebook

9. And finally, 1.1 million “slides” are performed
on Tinder

And while we all need a break from time to time world wide web, we must admit that she made our lives much easier. And what function of the Internet do you consider most necessary and essential? Comment!

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina exclusively for Incrível.club

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