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Cloud slipper, the ugly shoe that became a trend because of its comfort

If you love being up to date with trends, you’ve certainly heard of the Slipper Cloud. Thought and designed to provide comfort and rest for the feet, the product won the hearts of many women around the world. Want to know more about its benefits and store indications to get yours? Keep reading the article!

It is known as pillow slide, with literal translation of “slipper pillow”. These shoes, previously found only in orthopedic stores, were developed with an anatomical structure similar to an orthopedic insole. The sole is purposefully wider and softer and the sandal cushions the impact of footsteps and correctly distributes the body’s weight across the soles of the feet.

It is made of a rubbery and flexible polymer known as high performance EVA, the product is super light, fluffy and waterproof. The design is in style ugly shoes, with a similar footprint to Crocs and lacks gender specificity. In addition, it can be found in different colors and can be used both at home and out, with more casual looks such as loungewear, comfortwear and streetwear.

In short, the cloud slipper was made to generate comfort. Its anti-impact action helps relieve pain and protects against damage caused by other shoes. It is simply wonderful for those who want to be in fashion and at the same time give their feet a rest.

where to buy cloud slippers

Now that you know a little more about this little piece of cloud transformed into comfortable flip-flops, check out some stores where you can find it. The values ​​are very varied and the average is between R$ 50 to R$ 150. That is, it embraces different types of budget. But attention, each store will have its specific size and shape of the product, so look for the measurement information before choosing your shoes to avoid problems, ok?

  1. Usaflex;
  2. Piccadilly;
  3. Dijean;
  4. Renner stores;
  5. Free market;
  6. Americans.
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Do you already know your favorite model and color? So make your purchase and let your feet know the comfort of stepping on pillows!

Cloud slipper experiences

If you are still in doubt if this shoe is really different and is worth buying, the following videos with technical and personal information can help you. Check it out below!

Everything you need to know about the cloud slipper

With lots of information and curiosities about the famous Pillow Slides, Thais Marques, from the Coisas de Diva channel, describes the main features of a product that promises comfort for the feet. The blogger still talks about how she made her first purchase and about her impressions of the footwear.

Cloud slipper is different from other slippers?

If you want to know about the real benefits of this shoe and know the characteristics that make it different from a common flip-flop, Tatiana Cristina explains it to you. With relevant information about the purchase and her personal experience, the blogger talks about why the product is so successful.

First impressions of the cloud slipper

In this review, Deyse Paiva shares some of her first impressions of the cloud slipper and tells how it was to wear it for 4 consecutive days, highlighting the positives and negatives of the shoe. Check out!

Is it worth buying a cheaper cloud slipper?

In this video, Isabela Martin talks about her doubts and questions before buying the cloud slipper and her impressions after using it. The blogger also highlights the amount paid for the product and tells about the characteristics she liked most about the footwear.

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It’s a fact, the cloud slipper is synonymous with comfort! And how about checking out these wonderful tips for looks with flip-flops that will inspire you even more for this new acquisition? Choose the one that best suits your personality and say goodbye to foot pain in style!

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