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Chokers: learn how to use them in looks for different occasions

Accessories have the function of enhancing the look, or even being the main focus of a more basic look. Necklaces and chokers are great options to attract attention to the face and neck, and according to the material they can be adapted for different occasions.

Chokers are distinguished by being more adjusted to the neck, and can also be called choker or collar. These accessories were a big hit in the 90s, but they came back with everything and have been used a lot by celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, and consequently very used by several it girls on the streets.

Chokers that had a grunge influence in the 90s can also be part of the soft gothic look, which are based on dark looks, but with less intensity. While metallic or rhinestone chokers are good options to finish off festive looks.

Learn how to wear chokers

Chokers, or chokers, can be of different materials and looks, and this will determine the different occasions they are used. See below tips, made in partnership with the fashion consultant Danyla Borobia, to insert them in your look and learn how to use different models.


Also known as Tattoo choker, these chokers mimic a tribal tattoo and are made with an elastic material, which ensures that they fit snugly around the neck. Fashion consultant Danyla indicates that these chokers mixed with chains made of other materials can compose a current look. But they can also be used with delicate metallic pendants.

The consultant also gives tips for harmonizing the look: “This trend is indicated to compose more casual looks and without pretensions of luxury”. About the combinations, she says: “This accessory highlights the neck and face, the cool thing is to compose it with blouses and tops with lower necklines, so the necklace is in evidence. For the look not to be heavy, just wear delicate earrings, so there will be no conflict of information”.

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Comic strip

The strip can be made of different materials, such as fabric, like a kind of shoelace, leather, satin or even suede. This model can also be in different colors and combined with other accessories, even if they are metallic.

To combine the accessory with others, Danyla gives the tip: “It is cool and modern to combine with other necklaces, even with the tribal style. As the strip has a slightly more sophisticated style (depending on the material), they can be a counterpoint in a formal or elegant composition, leaving the look more modern”.


Metallic chokers can integrate night looks, due to their glamour, and can also provide a sensual touch to the look. These pieces can be of different shades of metal, and just like the other chokers, they can also be mixed with other necklaces. When using this model, it is interesting to use an earring that does not provide too much information, so as not to conflict with the choker.

Danyla adds that these collars can enhance any look and that they have a more sophisticated look. About the composition of looks, she guides: “For a more modern look, the cool thing is to opt for compositions of monochromatic and neutral colors, leaving the glamor for the metallic of the choker. In makeup, it is recommended that it be light, nothing too heavy, moving away from the looks of the 90s”.

Where to find beautiful chokers to buy

Now that you’ve checked out tips to rock the look with this accessory, you must be wondering where to find the ideal choker for you. Below are some beautiful options for you to purchase and complement the look with this accessory, check it out:

  1. Choker Geo Brilliant at Amaro
  2. Choker Studded, at Miniminou
  3. Tattoo choker, at Miniminou
  4. Choker Mystic Stone, at Miniminou
  5. Choker Velvet, at Amaro
  6. Minimal Choker Metal, at Amaro
  7. Pink Velvet Choker, at Kanui
  8. Black Bow Choker, at Kanui
  9. Choker Fashion Metal, at Amaro
  10. Black Fabric Choker, at Kanui
  11. Turquoise Flower Choker, at Kanui
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Learn to make your necklace

Making your own accessory is a way to save money and customize it, creating a unique look. See below tutorials for you to make your own chokers, of different models and using different materials.

Tattoo Choker

To make the tattoo chokers you will need: drawing board, nylon thread, scissors and nail polish to color the thread. About the thickness of the thread, blogger Narumi indicates that 0.60mm and 0.70mm threads should be used.

Velvet and lace choker

In this tutorial, blogger Julia Pontes teaches two different models of chokers, one in velvet with a pendant and the other using lace. The velvet choker requires more steps in making and products, such as terminals, rings and closure. The lace choker is simple and requires just the ends and clasps.

Choker visual inspirations

To make everything more visual, how about some photos to inspire you to compose looks with the accessory? It has for all tastes and styles, check it out:

1. You can invest in a more delicate choker to complement your look in a subtle way

Photo: Reproduction / Beuniki

2. And you can use several at the same time to create a cool composition

Photo: Reproduction / Beuniki

3. The long pendant models are also amazing

Photo: Reproduction / Joasia Mikołajczak

4. Along with a powerful make-up, the choker can be a very sophisticated accessory

5. You can also combine it with other accessories

6. This is a good example of how to combine a choker with necklaces

Photo: Reproduction / Fabiana Moreti Accessories

7. And it’s amazing how a small detail makes all the difference in your look

Photo: Reproduction / Fabiana Moreti Accessories

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8. See how this model is able to stretch the neck and enhance the lap

Photo: Reproduction / Beuniki

9. This embroidered choker adds a lot of delicacy to the look

Photo: Reproduction / Erika N.

10. How about this denim model? Certainly a very different choker

Photo: Reproduction / Street Style Montreal

11. This accessory is very democratic and pleases all styles

Photo: Reproduction / Owner

12. Women with an alternative style are fans of the choker

Photo: Reproduction / Marian

13. And the most classic ones too

Photo: Reproduction / iamlaura16

14. Chokers in vibrant colors stand out in the look

Photo: Playback / Vu Elle Jewels

15. Just a dot with color on your choker is also a charm

Photo: Reproduction / Roberta Nunes

16. Light colored chokers are equally charming

Photo: Reproduction / Nhá Biju

17. As well as the metallic ones

Photo: Reproduction / Mira

18. Let them be golden

19. Or silver

Photo: Reproduction / Ancient Brand

20. The classic tattoo choker, popular in the 90s, never fails

21. Thicker chokers are very sexy

Photo: Reproduction / Freedom Jewelry

22. Just like some models are very cute

Photo: Reproduction / Kianna Monique

23. You can show your personality with pendants on the choker

Photo: Reproduction / Ania Przybysz

24. And use a natural stone of your choice

25. Regardless of the chosen choker model

26. Or your style

Photo: Reproduction / emines.ig

27. This accessory has the power to complete your look

Photo: Reproduction / ceriah

28. Or be the main focus

Photo: Reproduction / Aline Miranda Accessories

29. Bet on the accessory without fear of being happy

30. And rock your look!

Photo: Reproduction / Sofia Berwig

The choker is a very democratic accessory that pleases different styles. Investing in this accessory helps to complement your look in a cool and current way. What is your favorite? Tell us!

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