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Cassava shampoo: discover the wonder that can save your hair

If you are looking for products and treatments to get rid of dry and brittle hair, cassava shampoo may be one of the best options. Its properties help to make hair healthier and full of life. Discover the benefits that will surprise you:


Cassava shampoo is excellent for those looking for a complete hair restoration, with several benefits in a single product. Check it out:

  • Gives shine and softness: it recovers porous strands with a protective film, renewing the hair’s natural shine and leaving a soft and silky texture to the strands.
  • Strengthens and hydrates the strands: being rich in vitamins and minerals, it strengthens the strands from the root, giving the hair a deep hydration.
  • Soothes split ends: helps to prevent and soften the appearance of split ends, because of its power of recovery and strengthening of the wires.
  • Removes impurities: this compound has a high power of cleaning the scalp and wires, being a great option to recover the hair with a lot of chemicals.
  • Promotes the lightness of the wires: its cleaning power makes the hair more manageable and light, with a sensation of unparalleled softness.

It’s worth investing in a product that brings several benefits to our hair, isn’t it?

The best cassava shampoos

The product is not usually expensive. You can find it in units or in kits, with conditioner and mask together. Check out:

1. Ouribel Cassava Premium Shampoo – $

Made with natural cassava extract, this shampoo promises to restore softness and shine to the hair, prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair.

“It cleans the hair very well, without leaving the strands dry, I particularly loved it for that.” – Lais Alves

2. Bio Instinct Cassava Shampoo + Conditioner – $

Buy here

Bio Instinto cassava shampoo is for daily use and promotes effective cleaning, being a great option for dry hair. Contains vitamin A and keratin that helps hair become silkier and smoother, reducing frizz.

“The shampoo does not spread well on the scalp, due to its consistency, however it has a cleansing power that is Mara!” – Kessia Alves

3. Vitalcap Belofio SOS Cassava Shampoo – $$

Buy here

This one has cassava extract and flaxseed, which helps in strengthening and also in the growth of wires, and promotes shine and softness.

“The cassava and flaxseed-based shampoo is salt-free, has a very thick texture and even though there is no salt in its composition, it makes a lot of foam.” – Claudia Stoco

4. Haskell Cassava Shampoo – Brightening Shampoo – $$

Excellent for those who want to give their hair a wonderful shine, in addition to nourishing and combating the aging of the wires. With cassava leaf extract and castor oil, this shampoo is one of the most powerful when it comes to hair reconstruction.

“It makes a good lather and smells great. His hair is left soft and shiny after use.” – Julia Doorman

5. Seduction Cassava Shampoo and Conditioner Kit – $$$

Buy here

The cassava shampoo by Seduction already says on the packaging that it is 10×1, that is, it has ten spectacular benefits for the hair, ranging from growth, to its anti-frizz power and sunscreen. The shampoo contains 1 liter, being a great option for those who want income and great cost benefit.

“I noticed the difference in brightness, softness, color protection. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell wonderfully.” – Larissa Souza

Cassava shampoo can be used on any type of hair. Choose a product that best suits your budget, your goals and your hair. Now, if you want something more personalized and like to make your own mixtures, learn how to make your own shampoo at home:

How to make homemade cassava shampoo

With ingredients that we usually have at home, you can make a homemade cassava shampoo that is capable of bringing many benefits to your hair. See the step by step:

Homemade cassava shampoo for hair growth

  1. Put 1 tablespoon of cassava flour in the blender;
  2. Add two glasses of filtered water;
  3. To leave a pleasant smell, add drops of essential oil of your choice;
  4. Then, hit the mixture in the blender and it will be ready to use;

Did you see? With this recipe you can have a high yield and durability of your cassava shampoo, see how simple it is:

Cassava shampoo with milk for shine and nourishment

  1. Peel a cassava and cut into small pieces;
  2. Put it in a blender or grinder with a little milk;
  3. After beating, strain with a cloth;

This mixture has a creamy texture, which you can use as a shampoo or mask. Watch the video step by step:

Cassava shampoo for all hair types

  1. Separate 3 units of cooked cassava;
  2. Put in the blender: cassava, extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk and a little hair hydration mask (of your choice);
  3. Then beat the mixture until it is very homogeneous;

In the video, Danny Ferreira shows the exact amounts and how she applies it to her hair, watch and check out the step by step for a homemade cassava hydration:

For lovers of natural and organic beauty products, cassava shampoo is an option that promises incredible results. If you like to dare with homemade hair mixes, be sure to check out this homemade anti-residue shampoo recipe.

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