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Boat neckline: learn how to use it and get inspired by 20 looks

The boat neck is a style known for showing off the shoulders and offering sensuality with elegance. It appears on blouses, dresses and knits, and it looks great with accessories. The cut can be closed and or more open, for those who prefer to dare. As for the occasions of use, this neckline looks good from casual to formal events. Check out!

18 boat neckline photos to create looks for any occasion

To better understand how to use this style, check out the perfect looks for any woman below.

1. The monochrome style is great on any blouse model

2. Wedding dresses in this neckline carry romanticism

3. Knitting adds a new charm to the cut

4. The basiquinha can become your everyday joker

5. It’s perfect for work commitments

6. And to go for a walk with friends

7. The neckline can be discreet

8. Shine in wedding dresses

9. Or dare in ballad models

10. It’s easy to find it on blouses

11. And also in dresses

12. Bare shoulders make any look sexier

13. The blouse hanging to the side is very stylish

14. Combine with accessories

15. Bet on a very open neckline

16. This tulle and polka dot model is pure glamor

17. Pink and red are all the rage right now

18. The classic model is a sure option

How to make a boat neckline on a budget

If spending on new clothes isn’t an option, you can transform old pieces. Take advantage of pieces that are left aside and customize beautiful blouses and dresses.

Round neck boat neck

Start with the basics: a crew neck collar. Your simple t-shirt will gain a special charm in this style.

classic boat neckline

For the bravest, there is the possibility of making a boat neck blouse from scratch. See modeling tips and learn how to work the fabric.

Crochet boat neckline

If you prefer crochet pieces, it is also possible to use them in boat neckline. The model is easy and looks beautiful.

Now you have everything you need to get into the boat neck fashion. Enjoy the wave and also learn how to use necklines according to your body type.

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