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Can I get pregnant with precum? – discover the answer here

It is evident that in any sexual relationship it is essential to use a condom or other contraceptive method to protect us from an unwanted pregnancy. Even so, there are people, especially those who have little sexual education, who wonder if there are other circumstances or situations in which a woman can become pregnant. For example, among the most frequently asked questions whether on blogs or other websites is the following: “Can I get pregnant with precum?”.

There is a popular belief that the precum that a man expels when he is aroused contains a percentage of sperm, which could increase the risk of pregnancy in the case of not using a contraceptive method. In the following oneCOMO article we clarify whether it is true (or not) that a woman can get pregnant with precum. Keep reading!

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What is precum? Does precum contain sperm? YES, there is a risk of pregnancy with precum

What is precum?

Before answering the question of whether you can get pregnant with precum, it is important to know what this substance is.

Precum, also known as pre-ejaculation either cowper fluid It is a colorless liquid composed of alkaline substances that is formed in Cowper’s glands and expelled through the urethra of the penis when the man is sexually aroused. The function of pre-ejaculation is lubricate and reduce acidity that exists in the area of ​​the urethra to protect the semen that passes through the urinary system until it is ejaculated.

The amount of fluid that each man can secrete in the glands is very variable, since some do not even produce this fluid until others generate up to 5 ml of precum.

What is the difference between precum and semen?

Some people often confuse Cowper’s fluid with ejaculate or semen, but they are two totally different substances.

We have already said that precum is a transparent liquid substance with an alkaline composition that is secreted by Cowper’s glands to clean and lubricate the penis. However, semen is a compound formed by blisters, seminal vesicles and prostate, which in turn has sperm. Unlike Cowper’s fluid, semen is a much thicker, thicker substance that can be white with a grayish or yellowish hue.

Does precum contain sperm?

We have clarified in the previous section that semen is a substance that contains sperm. However, Does precum also contain sperm?

According to the study “Presence or absence of sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid” published in 2016 by the International Journal of Andrology, the pre-cum itself (that is, within its composition) does not contain sperm. In the study they analyzed the fluid of 25 men after being two days of abstinence sexual and the result was that none of the subjects had sperm in said substance.

However, in the event that this prior sexual abstinence does not occur, it is also true that the liquid may be accompanied by sperm. This is because sperm may have accumulated in ejaculations that have previously occurred, so at the moment of arousal or erection, the precum can transport the accumulated semen to the tip of the penis.

Therefore, the use of contraceptive methods or condoms is essential to avoid the risk of suffering an unwanted pregnancy.

YES, there is a risk of pregnancy with precum

Now that we know more about both Cowper’s fluid and semen, we can answer the question of “can I get pregnant with precum?” The answer is that, as we have said, precum in itself cannot cause pregnancy since there are no sperm in its composition.

However, yes there is a risk of pregnancy in the event that your partner has not abstained from sexual activity for at least 2 previous days. In this case, you could get pregnant with the precum since your partner will have sperm accumulated from other ejaculations and at the moment he becomes aroused and therefore, the precum will carry a certain amount of sperm with it.

In this case, at the time of penetration or when the genital fluid comes into contact with the vagina, there will be a risk of pregnancy. Therefore, to avoid this circumstance, it will be essential to condom use to enjoy safe sex.

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Study “Presence or absence of sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid” published in 2016 by the International Journal of Andrology by Fernando Vásquez – https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1698031X16300024

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