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Cake pops: 11 fun and delicious recipes to try at home

Cake pops are a fun lollipop-shaped cake that is gaining more and more space, especially at children’s parties. The reason is that the recipe is simple to make, looks beautiful in the decor and is a great way to bring the kids into the kitchen.

The cake pop is based on a common cake dough, which allows you to make the flavor you like the most. It is still possible to make different toppings, use candies and even stuffing. Learn these 11 delicious recipes to make at home.

1. Dulce de leche cake pop

Learn how to make a delicious vanilla cake pop with dulce de leche. Dani Noce shows the recipe step by step from the preparation of the cake, with a ready-made dough, then uses dulce de leche plus cream to bind the cake pop. It is important to leave the recipe in the freezer for a while to firm up the balls.

2. Christmas cake pop

This recipe is ideal to brighten up the Christmas parties. You will learn how to prepare buttercream, a very tasty buttercream. Christmas cake pops can be made in various themed formats, such as Christmas balls and gift boxes. The recipe yields approximately 30 units, check it out.

3. Chocolate cake pop

Here, the cake is prepared with snow whites, which makes the recipe a thousand times cuter! Chocolate and cream are used to shape the cake pop. It is important to remove the edges or hardest parts of the cake, as only the crumb should be used. After dipping in chocolate, you can decorate your cupcake with almonds and sprinkles.

4. Red velvet cake pop

Red velvet, or red velvet, has that name precisely because it is… red! The cake dough can be colored with food coloring or natural elements such as beetroot. In the cake pop version, red velvet uses cream cheese, the recipe’s traditional topping, to bind the dough and white chocolate to wrap the balls.

5. Corn cake pop with guava

This cake pop is made with corn cake, paçoca and guava, perfect combination for June parties. The guava paste comes in as a filling and is very easy to make! Just open the dough in your hand, put a little piece of candy and then roll the dough into a ball. The recipe yields between 15 and 20 cake pops and is ready in just 25 minutes. Check step by step.

6. Gingerbread cake pop

Honey bread already yummy by itself, imagine in a cake pop with dulce de leche! To mix the ingredients you can use a blender or a mixer. The tip for serving is to stick the toothpicks in a container with coarse salt. Just take a look at this super easy step by step.

7. Oreo cake pop

This recipe is also prepared with ready-made cake dough. Then, you must mix crushed Oreo cookies and sour cream to shape the cake pops. It will also be necessary to take the cookies to the freezer before and after covering with white chocolate.

8. Cake pop with brigadeiro

After crushing the chocolate cake, add brigadeiro and mix until it forms a dough. With the balls ready, dip the toothpick in the melted chocolate before skewering the cake pop. You can color the chocolate with specific dye, it looks beautiful and will draw attention to your party decor.

9. Decorated cake pop

This recipe is made with orange cake and dulce de leche, but you can use whatever base you prefer. Dip the cake pops in fractionated chocolate. To decorate, dye the chocolate with specific coloring and use a piping bag to make the details. A bow at the end of the toothpick is a charming finish for your recipe.

10. Pineapple Cake Pop

This cake pop is different from the common ones and ideal for themed and more tropical parties, like a day at the pool. The dumpling is rolled into an oval shape, then with the tip of the scissors the details of the pineapple are made. It is important to place the cake pop on the stick before this part. The leaves are made with colored chocolate, and to make details of color, use powdered food coloring.

11. Cake pop in the cone

This cake pop is super fun and mimics the shape of an ice cream. The cookies are made with chocolate dough and covered with colored chocolate. Then, just fit into an ice cream cone, which can also be filled with a layer of chocolate. Finish with colorful sprinkles and you’re ready to decorate your party!

A festival of delights, isn’t it? In addition to decorating parties, cake pops can also be a great alternative to earning extra income, just like cupcakes. There are recipes for all tastes!

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