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Body scrub: learn how to make it at home and learn about its benefits

Body scrubs are a staple of every beauty routine. Caring for the skin of the body is essential to maintain its healthy appearance, as well as helping the functioning of the body in general. The body scrub, for example, is able to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins present in the skin.

A good exfoliator doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or have strong perfumes. Ingredients you have at home, such as sugar and coffee, are enough to produce great products that will make a difference in your everyday life. Discover below which ones are best to buy, learn how to make them at home and understand the main benefits of body scrubs.

Best body scrubs to buy

Exfoliators are the stars of many cosmetic brands. There are scented, unscented, natural, among other options. When you go to a store looking for one, it’s important to check factors like how abrasive the granules are and whether or not it’s moisturizing. Check out some of the best options available:

1. Egeo Dolce Scrub, the most fragrant

You know that smell of sugar toasting in the pan? That’s what the Aegean scent reminds us of when we put it on our body. It is perfect for those who enjoy strong smells, those that stay in the body for many hours and sweeten the day to day.

2. Honey Almond Milk Scrub, best for sensitive skin

This body scrub by The Body Shop is ideal for those who don’t like products that are too abrasive for their skin. His goal is to remove dead cells lightly, keeping skin hydration highlighted. Its aroma is smooth and delicious.

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3. Environmentally friendly pulp scrub

Unlike the second option, this scrub is very abrasive, however, the chestnut oil present in the formula helps protect the skin. Its formula does not contain abrasive granules made of plastic, which is great for the environment and your health.

4. Sens Floralis Scrub, the most moisturizing

With shea butter in its composition, the exfoliant from the Sens line by Hinode promises hydration. It is perfect for those who like to massage their skin during a relaxing bath.

5. Nivea Scrub, the cheapest

Everyone needs an exfoliator for everyday life and this one is ideal. Both in terms of price and quality, the Nivea bath scrub doesn’t disappoint, it’s one of those you can’t take out of the shower.

6. Satin Body Scrub, the classic

One of Mary Kay’s most traditional products, the Satin Body exfoliator has a light scent and is made to be used in the bath, before soap. It promises to be the right product to apply to very dry areas, such as knees and elbows.

7. Sugar in Oil Scrub, the best cost-benefit

Avatim’s sugar in oil is perfect for those who enjoy a 2-in-1 product. Because it is biphasic, with the oil and exfoliating sugar separate from each other, you can use them together or at different times. It’s super value for money!

Here are just a few tips from the various products you can purchase. Do a lot of research to find the perfect one for your budget and taste.

What is the exfoliator for?

The body scrub is a product with small abrasive granules that helps in skin renewal. It removes dead cells and impurities that accumulate in the body over time. It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin at least once a week, however, this varies according to the degree of abrasiveness of your exfoliator.

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Remember: all body scrubs are abrasive, so you should hydrate your skin every time you exfoliate. Check out the benefits that a good body scrub can offer your body:

  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Effective against cellulite;
  • Stimulates the elimination of toxins;
  • Removal of dead cells;
  • Keeps the skin relaxed;
  • Contributes to the maintenance of the skin’s natural tone;
  • Unclogs pores, leaving skin ready for hydration and other treatments.

Exfoliation is an act of taking care of your skin and yourself. It is important to pay attention and pay attention to all parts of your body to keep your health up to date.

How to use body scrub

  1. With your fingers, take a little body scrub and apply it on the desired area;
  2. Make circular movements applying light pressure;
  3. Wait a few minutes for the exfoliator to act on the skin;
  4. Rinse with plenty of water.

Ready! Now just enjoy your soft and healthy skin. And don’t forget to hydrate your whole body after the process, okay?

How to make a homemade scrub

For those who don’t like store-bought options, there are several recipes for making a great body scrub at home. Most of them are completely natural and prioritize the use of simple ingredients, present in women’s daily lives.

sugar scrub

If ready-made exfoliators are out of your budget, learn here how to make one that’s sure to fit in your pocket. This recipe only calls for sugar and water, items you probably already have at home. Check out!

Natural exfoliator with chocolate scent

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Here you will discover two coffee scrub recipes, one with essential oil and one with cocoa. Coffee is perfect for improving circulation and softening cellulite, as well as having a wonderful aroma.

Pink salt detox scrub

Two ingredients: pink salt and coconut oil, this is the miracle mixture that will make a difference in your skin. If you can’t find pink salt, you can also use traditional sea salt.

Coconut Oil Moisturizing Scrub

This recipe is great for those who are too lazy to prepare the scrub each time they use it. Made from coconut oil, body moisturizer and sugar, this scrub can be kept in the fridge for days to use whenever you want.

Knowing the body scrubs, just choose the ideal style for you. Homemade or store-bought, the important thing is to take a few minutes out of your week to take care of your skin.

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