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Beach outing: charm and elegance to enjoy the summer

Summer is here and it’s time to put on your bikini and swimsuit, but a question that always arises is what to wear over your swimwear. The so-called beach outings are the most ideal outfits for these occasions. According to the image consultant Juliana Burlamaqui, going out to the beach is for the woman to be covered but at the same time without having to be dressed in the normal clothes that we use on a daily basis.

Practicality with comfort are the words that govern beach trips, in addition to that necessary summer touch, with strong colors and plenty of prints. “It needs to be light and comfortable. There are several types of output. The famous yoke, which can be used as a dress or pareô, tunics and gowns”, names the consultant.

Unlike the clothes you wear on a daily basis, the outings are light and very fresh, but they are also very specific to places such as the beach, pool, resort, club or other leisure places. There is the possibility of extending your tour to another location, as long as the exit you are using is not transparent and that it covers the hip area.

Types of outputs and how to use them

Going to the beach is an essential item in the suitcase of anyone who is going to spend a few days at the beach or resorts. It’s for those times when you don’t intend to put clothes on, but want to have something covering your swimwear. There are several types of output, from those clothes that are specific to be worn over bikinis and bathing suits, to those that we can take from our own wardrobe and adapt them.

Below, following the tips of the consultant Juliana, the types of beach outings and how you can wear them will be indicated, matching your bikini.


The dress is one of the pieces that you can either take from your wardrobe and use it as a beach outfit, or purchase a specific one for the function. Choose dresses that are very flowing and have light fabrics, such as natural fibers. Lese and lace are also good options, especially in white, and are ideal to match any bikini color.

This is the ideal time for you to focus on colors and choose a very patterned dress. If he shows the bikini, it is important to make a game of colors in order to match it with the color of the bikini. If you’re wearing a printed dress, choose plain bikinis that are in one of the colors of the print for a harmonious look.


The tunic is a unique piece quite similar to the dresses. It is characterized by having a V-neck and being, usually, shorter than a dress and, therefore, being used as a beach outfit. Most tunics are made of very flowy fabrics, such as silk, and those made to be used as a beach outfit are usually heavily patterned.

To match the bikini, follow the same rule as the dress. If you need to go somewhere after the beach, it is recommended that you wear shorts underneath to hide your hips and choose a tunic that is not too see-through.

shirt or coat

Other one-piece options that you can wear to the beach are the shirt and gown. They can be worn just like the tunic over your bikini. For this, choose pieces that are longer and that reach the height of the hip, more or less.

Here you can easily reuse the pieces you already have in your wardrobe and adapt them as a beach outfit. As the bikini will probably be on display in this case, don’t forget to match it with the other chosen piece. It is also worth wearing shorts here, in case you have to go somewhere else after the beach.

shorts and blouse

This is one of the easiest beach outfit combinations to adapt to your closet. Choose a very comfortable shorts and blouse with light fabrics and use them as a beach outfit. In addition, this adaptation is ideal if you need to extend your tour to other places, such as a restaurant, supermarket.

The tip here is to give preference to patterned shorts and flowy fabrics, but denim shorts are also very good. The blouse should match the rest of the look, matching both the shorts and the bikini. For younger women, it is worth betting on blouses that show the belly or that have more transparencies.

yoke or scarf

A great option for going out to the beach is to take advantage of a sarong or scarf you have and use them as a dress or pareô. The lashing options are numerous and, with that, you can create a different look every day. In addition, you can use the yoke to extend on the beach and lie on top. You can also use both the sarong and the scarf to protect yourself from the sun. The scarf can also be tied on the head, making you even more stylish.

Here’s a video with four lashing options that you can create with your scarf or your sarong to rock the beach:

It is important to check that the fabric of the sarong or scarf does not bleed to avoid stains on your bikini, especially if it is white or another light color.

5 essential tips to know how to use your beach outing

To clarify some doubts that may arise when choosing your shower exit, some tips from the consultant Juliana were listed. Look:

  1. Ideal fabrics: use lightweight fabrics that flow well and do not have heavy textures, such as natural fibers. Silk, cotton, linen are great examples of fabrics that help you look beautiful and light with your beach outfits;
  2. Bikini and skirt combination: as mentioned above, the best way to combine is to choose a color from the print and wear the bikini of that color. If you have more skills in combining prints, it is worth betting on both the printed bikini and the printed output. For this, choose prints that have colors in common and that harmonize with each other;
  3. Plus size women: Juliana’s tip is that plus size women should prefer fabrics that are not transparent, disguising the fat;
  4. Brunette women: light colored beach dresses are ideal for dark-skinned women, enhancing their color and making them look like summer;
  5. Short women: should prefer the beach outings that are shorter. “And she can opt for a wooden clog with a little heel to elongate the silhouette”, recommends the consultant.

Options to rock the summer

In the gallery below is a sequence of beautiful beach outings for you to rock in the summer. Choose the one that best suits you and buy it now:

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