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90 breastfeeding chair ideas for a more special moment

We know that motherhood is a unique moment in a woman’s life. In addition to discovering a new facet, that of a mother, she has to deal with new challenges, such as breastfeeding. It’s not always easy and flows naturally as expected, so it’s important to find a breastfeeding chair that meets her needs and makes the whole process more comfortable.

7 breastfeeding chairs for you to buy

In need of a comfortable space to breastfeed your baby? Here are some breastfeeding armchair options for you to purchase:

Where to buy

  1. Giulia Fixed Armchair Without Puff, at Ponto Frio
  2. Swing Breastfeeding Armchair with Puff Bianca Fratello , at Madeira Madeira Store
  3. Fixed Breastfeeding Armchair Gabi Corino Azul Baby, At Walmart
  4. Breastfeeding Chair with Ludmila Veludo Swing, at Casas Bahia
  5. Breastfeeding Chair with Swing and Puff Elisa, at Dafiti
  6. Julie Chevron Turquoise Breastfeeding Armchair, at Grão de Gente Store
  7. Tenderness Breastfeeding Armchair with Swing and Puff, at Magazine Luiza Store

Now just choose the one that suits you best and enjoy this special moment with your baby!

90 models of breastfeeding chair

Check below a selection with photos of breastfeeding armchairs that will bring more beauty to the baby’s room and coziness for moms.

1. The breastfeeding chair is an item coveted by many moms

2. This is because it is synonymous with style

3. And comfort, of course.

4. This piece of furniture can present infinite variations

5. From the beige basics

6. Delicate designs, like this gray nursing chair

7. Custom embroidery

8. Vintage style

9. Or even more neutral

10. Breastfeeding chairs with rocking are great for rocking the baby

11. And the printed puff nursing chairs are fun

12. In addition, they help to compose the decoration of the environment

13. Leaving him with your face

14. Or even telling part of a story

15. They are great allies, too, to create a themed room

16. For those who want a more modern print, this one can be ideal

17. The color gray is wild and goes with everything!

18. But why not bet on bold colors?

19. If you prefer neutral tones, this is a good idea

20. The crown print is charming

21. And the polka dots are super delicate

22. The ripples are on the rise

23. And velvet never goes out of style!

24. A swivel armchair can make your life easier

25. A compact one like this can save a lot of space

26. White armchairs are a luxury!

27. And the ones with metallic color make the environment more sophisticated

28. This model is just cute!

29. While this one inspires soooo much comfort

30. If you are looking for extra comfort, a tip is to bet on breastfeeding armchairs with puffs

31. The puff helps to relax the legs and feet

32. Providing greater well-being when breastfeeding

33. There are several texture options

34. Colors

35. Formats

36. And sizes

37. For all tastes

38. This Provencal-style nursing chair is beautiful!

39. An idea that can replace the puff is this longer armchair

40. A model with studs is very stylish

41. This one suits those who like geometric designs

42. How to resist this one?

43. This navy blue nursing armchair harmonizes with the colors of the room

44. The contrast of the light upholstery with the dark feet creates a classic effect

45. You can combine the armchair with other furniture in the room

46. ​​Neutral tones make the environment softer

47. Another possibility is to combine a lighter armchair with a darker puff

48. Or even combine a dot of color in a room with neutral walls

49. Or the one with affective value

50. How about a more retro armchair model?

51. Another option is to use several shades of the same color

52. Merging the smooth back with the patterned upholstery is cute

53. Black and white can’t go wrong!

54. How can you resist this very cute sheep puff?

55. Tetê time will get even better!

56. A traditional bedroom matches perfectly with the tufted model

57. More colors to make the environment happy

58. Another inspiration for those who prefer the basics

59. One print is enough to revamp the look of the room

60. And make it a lot more fun

61. The armchair may only have some stamped details

62. Or all your upholstery

63. Navy blue combined with white always pleases

64. And vintage style is a darling

65. One option is to combine colorful accessories with the neutral armchair

66. Toothpick feet are modern

67. This model gives a more romantic touch to the little room

68. For those who are not afraid to dare in the decoration, strong colors

69. How about combining a plain armchair with a patterned puff?

70. Or the light colored armchair with the dark puff?

71. Stripes are a good choice!

72. And who said that strong and striking tones can’t be used in the baby’s room?

73. You can also bet on a cover to change the look of the armchair

74. This light rose is very charming

75. After the breastfeeding period, she does not need to be discarded

76. This one brings a color that perfectly composes the color palette of the environment

77. This breastfeeding chair with swing and puff will win you over

78. And this one makes the environment even sweeter

79. How about a cozy one?

80. The puff in the shape of a cloud combined with the armchair with eyes is a grace

81. A reclining chair can be the perfect alternative for those looking for comfort

82. This set is great for those who want to bet on a sophisticated bedroom

83. The side pockets bring functionality

84. And the mix of prints is a lot of fun

85. A dot of color in the bedroom can make all the difference

86. Another idea is to bet on pillows

87. Which can be colored and have cute shapes

88. But maybe none beats a massage chair!

89. What really matters is matching your style!

See how the range is varied? Now just choose yours!

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