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Artist shows how Disney princesses would live if they led an ordinary life

Disney celebrities gained a more real face thanks to artist Andhika Muksin, from Jakarta, Indonesia. She creates illustrations with an ironic touch that combine modern reality with classic Disney. Now we know, for example, that Cinderella also video calls and Ariel loves pizza.

At the awesome.club we were inspired by Muksin’s illustrations and want to share them with you.

1. Reality versus expectation when eating an apple

2. When you have just awakened from the world of the dead

3. She ran away but left the wig

4. Daenerys Targaryen could look like this in cartoons

5. Princesses also have a good appetite and eat after 6 pm

6. The feeling when you turn on the shower and the cold water comes out versus Disney world

7. Video call with Cinderella

8. Disney Fashion Week: The Evil Queens Can Be the Most Successful

9. Disney cover: warrior women’s fashion

10. Ariel is not perfect

11. “The stepmother is in fashion”

12. Come on, just get up…

13. Breaking the Rules: No More Boring Parties

14. Watching a movie on Netflix with friends is not something for everyone

15. Good night, dear. We speak tomorrow

16. Ariel and Aquaman could make a great couple

17. Barefoot Princess: She also likes comfort

18. In real life, not all face angles are perfect

19. Modern filters

20. When you jump in the pool for the first time this year

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