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Pen with stem cells promises to eliminate stretch marks in up to 4 months

There is definitely no denying that the beauty industry invests and invests heavily in the search for alternatives to increase people’s well-being, especially females.

For a woman, this is perfect. For example, if today you have an aesthetic problem that makes you uncomfortable, but which unfortunately has no solution, you don’t need to despair, as the chances that such a solution will appear in a matter of time are enormous.

And all this has a logical explanation. In today’s society, a good appearance, in addition to being a sign of health and personal zeal, can also be directly linked to love, social and professional success. This fact makes, from an early age, many people feel pressured to search for an ideal of beauty and perfection.

According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), in 2006 Brazil performed 700,000 surgical interventions, 15% of which were performed on adolescents aged between 14 and 16 years. According to research, 70% of these surgeries were performed on women and 60% of the cases were for cosmetic purposes.

The latest novelty comes to brighten the lives of women who feel bothered by stretch marks: an anti-stretch mark pen that promises to solve the problem in up to 120 days.

What are stretch marks?

After cellulite, stretch marks are one of the champions of female complaints. They are white or red lines that usually appear in areas such as the breasts, hips, culottes, thighs and buttocks.

Approximately 90% of stretch marks appear during pregnancy. They are characterized by a disruption of the elastic fibers that support the intermediate layer of the skin formed by collagen and elastin, which are responsible for providing elasticity and tonicity to the skin.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks can occur for several reasons, but the main ones are the accordion effect, pregnancy, obesity, genetic and hormonal factors, skin dryness, rapid growth and even excessive exercise.

Anti-stretch mark pen with stem cells

It is a cosmetic formulated with natural sugar, Asian centella stem cells, a well-known medicinal plant used to stimulate human stem cells and a compound of silicon and salicylic acid.

How it works

In the form of a highlighter pen, the pen is passed over the striations, exactly as if they were marking them. It should be ironed once a day, right after showering, then just wait for it to dry and put on your clothes normally.

For those who want to use the novelty in the summer, it is worth knowing that after an hour of using the pen, it is already possible to be exposed to the sun, as the product does not have a photoirritant or photosensitizing action.

Stem cells start to rebuild the inner part of the skin, returning its lost elasticity and collagen. Sugar makes stretch marks, especially white ones, which are more difficult to eliminate, to regain their skin color, as sugar changes the pigmentation of the stretch marks, leaving it imperceptible. The silicon compound and salicylic acid work by restoring firmness to the skin and promoting cell renewal.


Applying the product once a day, as recommended, its duration is, on average, 30 days, varying according to the amount of stretch marks in each person. The period of 30 days may be enough to cure the most recent red stretch marks, whereas the whitish ones take longer and the treatment can be extended for another 90 days.

where to buy anti-stretch pen

Anti-stretch marks pens can be purchased at compounding pharmacies and do not have a refill. The average price of each pen is R$ 120.00 and lasts for approximately 30 days.

The novelty is good and even accessible in the face of the benefit offered, and if it actually works, it has everything to become a success.

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