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7 beautiful red hair dyes to achieve a powerful tone

The different types of red hair have gained space and currently the market offers several shades, from the most drawn to orange to red. For those who love expressing attitude and power, opting for a good red hair dye can help. Hairdresser Gabriella Carvalho, from the Gaby Hair salon, comments more on this subject. Follow up!

Questions about red hair dye answered by an expert

Women’s Tips – What is the best dye to dye your hair red?

Gabriella Carvalho – The paint from the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal HD brand, at 0-88 Mistura Vermelho, is the one I recommend the most, as it is a good brand and has great quality.

How to have blood red hair?

It is always recommended to carry out the painting process in a beauty salon, with professionals specialized in this area. But for those who want to do it at home, the first step is to choose a paint with a red color that promises a vibrant tone. For coloring, divide the hair into four parts so that you can color without getting in the way and then apply the paint with the help of a brush. It’s best to start at the back of the neck, then the sides, and finally the top of the head.

During the process, make sure that the dye has been applied to all strands so you don’t run the risk of getting a strand of a natural color. Let it act for the time indicated on the paint package and then wash your hair with water until you certify that all the product has been removed. In addition, it is important to do the strand test to see if the hair can withstand the chemical and also if there is no allergic reaction. I also recommend that you leave your hair a little dirty before coloring, as the natural oils protect the scalp.

How much does it cost to dye your hair red?

The value of the process varies according to the brand of paint that will be used and also by the professional. The process at home will be cheaper, costing only the value of the product, while in the beauty salon it can be more expensive because you have to pay for the service and ink as well.

What is the strongest red hair dye?

Definitely the Schwarzkopf Igora Royal HD 0-88 Mix Red.

How to make hair shine bath with red dye?

Red hair fades quickly, so it’s common to notice that the color is getting less and less vivid. To reduce this problem, it is recommended to use specific products for the color, such as a shine bath. To do it at home, you need to mix the toning cream with a hydration mask, so the color won’t be so concentrated and it will turn into a shine bath. The measure is to use 3 tablespoons of mask for one of toning cream. So, just wash your hair with shampoo and then apply the mixture for 30 minutes. Then just rinse.

How to cover red hair dye?

The shade of red usually has a more complicated removal due to the pigment used in the formulation. For those who want to remove the paint, it is recommended to do the shampoozada, a wash with a mixture of bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide and shampoo. But be careful, because it is not recommended to do this procedure when the hair is dry.

In addition to these tips, it is important to make sure of the whitening background. So, the lighter the base of your hair is, the more vibrant the shade of red will be.

7 best red hair dyes recommended by bloggers

If you’ve already decided that this is your color, then read on and check out the best blogger-tested red hair dye reviews. Then, choose the one that most aligns with your expectations and follow the expert’s tips to achieve the tone.

1. Natucor Naturally Enigmatic Marsala Dark – $

Indicated for those who want to get away from paints with many chemicals. The product has a vegan, lead-free, ammonia-free formula and contains natural plum extract. Covers gray hair, recommended for fragile and sensitive hair.

“My hair is silk. Look at the shine of that hair, people. I love this color, I think it suits my skin tone a lot. Very simple and very practical” – Thais Reolon

2. Natucor Cherry Red – $

Ideal for those who have allergies and want to get away from ammonia. It is made with natural pitaya extract and does not need hydrogen peroxide to dilute the ink, due to the good pigmentation. It is lead free and perfectly covers all white wires.

“She is really natural. It wasn’t such an open red, because my base color wasn’t that open. But I loved the result. Her hair hasn’t dried out and is shiny even” – Rubies

3. High Fashion Ruby Red – $$

The color is a darker red, hence the name ruby. In addition to coloring, it gives shine and treats the wires. The coloring is very intense, as it has concentrated micropigments and covers even white hair.

“There was not an open red. It’s a really dark red. It left the tone very uniform and I liked it a lot” – Jaciara De Angelis

4. Koleston Burgundy – $$

With a creamy texture and a deeper red tone, this ink colors in just 20 minutes and provides shine, softness, intense and brilliant color. Easy to apply, it has good durability on the wires.

“The color pigmented and opened up the dark brown well. I didn’t feel any damage to the part of my hair that was natural. I felt that it sealed the cuticle well even in the part that was damaged. I used the dryer and the hair was already very soft” – Blog Isabela Sousa

5. Purple Acaju Koleston – $$

With a deep red to purple auburn, the paint covers the white strands and hydrates while coloring. The tone is intense and shiny, as the dye highlights the 7 signs of healthy hair: silky, soft, easy to comb, vibrant, hydrated, luminous and strong.

“It didn’t stay that ‘arrived’ color, it became a more neutral color and I really liked it. It has a nice, fragrant smell” – Andréa Carvalho

6. Red Booster Alfaparf Evolution – $$$

A shade very close to blood red. It is a permanent dye that covers gray hair. But be careful, because it needs to be diluted in hydrogen peroxide. In addition to having a lasting and luminous color, it does not damage the wires and leaves them soft.

“The color sticks really well to the hair, covers all the whites, doesn’t cause any allergies and doesn’t dry out the hair” – Pamela Masulin

7. Amend Red Intensifier – $$$

Pulled to a lighter red. It is permanent, still gives shine and helps protect the wires. With keratin and silk proteins, it has high durability, covers white hair and its pigments penetrate deeply into the hair.

“Look how good the dye is, it doesn’t dry out my hair. He’s really good, right down to the tips. Amend always leaves my hair wonderful and doesn’t dry out my hair. This is how my hair looks, very red” – Pamela Masulin

Red is a difficult color to remove from your hair, so it’s worth thinking about the exact shade you want before you apply the dye. Also, start with toners and then invest in permanent dyes if you just want to test.

How to use red hair dye step by step

If you’ve already made up your mind, then check out videos that will help you dye your locks yourself, either with long-lasting paint or temporary toners:

How to dye your hair red by yourself

If you are already a redhead and want to retire the orange to get into the ruby ​​red vibe, this video is for you. You will check out tips, such as having a mirror in front and back so you can see how you are spreading the paint on the wires. It is very complete and at the end you will still check out the coloring result.

How to touch up red hair at home

Touching up the root can be an exhausting process for the wires. But to not be passing paint unnecessarily along the length of the wires, learn to do the touch-up only in the root region. Follow the step by step and save the ends of your hair!

How to tone red hair

If you’ve already touched up the roots, but now feel like you need to tone up the length of your hair, then now you need to tone it up! In this video you learn how to tone hair that is already dyed red. See the complete step by step and write down the name of the products used.

Choosing the ideal red hair dye is essential for a good result. However, always remember that after chemical processes, your hair will need several treatments. That way, learn to set up a hair schedule and keep the health of the wires up to date.

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