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8 tips for you to donate to charities this holiday season

The end of the year is approaching and you must already be full of plans to meet family and friends, exchange gifts and eat loads of special treats this season!

However, we cannot forget that not everyone is so lucky – and many people depend on a solidarity gesture on our part to be able to participate a little bit in this whole party. Find out how you can make a donation this holiday season and make sure it goes to those who need it most:

1. Your money has already yielded during the year

Thinking rationally, making a donation at the end of the year might be a good idea if you’ve already left some money in the past 12 months. If you have a savings account, for example, your initial amount will already be a little higher in December.

2. Know how much you can donate

Making a donation doesn’t mean opening a hole in your budget. For that, though, you need to know how much money you can give to a charity without jeopardizing your financial commitments. Most people limit themselves to donating a maximum of 2% of their income, but of course this is a decision that is up to you.

3. Choose a cause that matters to you

Perhaps you are passionate about animals and would like to help an NGO that takes care of elderly dogs. Or, someone close to you (or yourself) faced a serious illness this year and you would like to contribute to institutions that are dedicated to caring for patients who are experiencing the same problem. The fact is that there are many causes that deserve our help. Choose the one you most identify with.

4. Reflect on the size of the institution

Are you in doubt about helping a large institution that operates across the country or a small institution that makes a difference in your neighborhood? Know that both alternatives are valid.

By donating to a large institution, your contribution will be just one more contribution, but the combined impact of all of them can have a very significant effect on society. If you prefer to donate to a small institution, your collaboration alone can make all the difference in the life of a person or family. Choose what makes you feel better.

5. Check the seriousness of the institution

Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the goodwill of others to obtain undue profits. Therefore, it never hurts to verify the origins of the institution to which you intend to donate and to check how these contributions are used.

One way to do this is to consult your city’s Social Assistance Department, which usually keeps a register of NGOs that work in the city. If possible, visit the organization’s headquarters to get a closer look at the work and make sure your donations are put to good use.

6. Define your donation by goals

Still not sure how much it would be appropriate to donate? Then you can think of amounts that can meet a “complete” goal. Explaining: you know when an institution says that, with 100 reais, it is possible to guarantee that a family will keep their children in school for the entire month? This means that by donating this amount, you would help the organization to fully fulfill this objective.

7. It doesn’t have to be all about money

Many organizations accept donations of clothing, shoes, and other items, either for the community they serve or for fundraising through a bazaar. In this case, it is important that the items are clean and in good condition.

In fact, the end of the year is an excellent time to organize your closet and practice letting go of those pieces that you will no longer use and that can make the biggest difference in other people’s lives.

8. Your time is also worth a lot

Can’t or aren’t you willing to donate money? Alright, your time can also be very valuable to charities. After all, they always need people willing to collaborate on a daily basis and on special events.

To find out how to help, you can visit the websites of organizations in your city or call them and find out about volunteer vacancies. Your skills are certainly much needed somewhere.

The end of the year always makes us reflect on the events of the last twelve months and the good and bad experiences we will take with us in our lives. It is very good to take this time to thank you for all that you have received in this period.

If your year hasn’t been so great, how about doing a good deed to shake up what you’d like to be different? This is an excellent way to pave the way for more positive energies to reach you in the coming year.

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