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8 apps to organize the wedding party

Organizing a wedding party requires some care so that everything goes according to plan. Therefore, it is essential to write down each item in detail, because it is through this list that you will be able to compare prices and choose between services.

To bring more ease and practicality during preparations, how about using technology in your favor? There are several cell phone applications that help in this listing and in organizing the whole party. Through the Apple Store website you will find some options for free download.

wedding factory

For the bride and groom who need assistance in hiring services, this application is ideal, as it offers tips, organizes details on how the invitations will be delivered, the date and time of the ceremony, as well as the honeymoon trip.


With a Portuguese version, there is space available for checking the wedding details according to the bride and groom’s budget and the number of all guests. You can download this app from the Apple Store webshop.

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finde

Free to download also from the Apple Store, the bride and groom can view the engagement rings from the jewelry store in the app and try on the models in a virtual hand, in the tone of the bride’s skin. For the bride and groom who do not know the size of their finger, just approach a simple ring on the smartphone screen and it will indicate the ideal number for the ring.

Wedding Plandroid

Free for the android system, it is possible to budget the entire wedding, in addition to monitoring all the preparations through a schedule.

Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot

Are you in doubt about the wedding dress? This app can help you get rid of your doubts. Just provide your measurements, body style and of course your personality, and he’ll suggest some options for you to choose from. If you want to share the template with other people, it has a function that allows you to send it by email, Facebook or even Pinterest.

wedding party

Ideal for couples who don’t want to spend more than their budget, this app helps you calculate the food and drinks you’ll have at the party.


After marriage, this app can be your best friend. It helps to count the days, months and years you’ve been married so that when your wedding anniversary comes around, you can surprise your husband.

Brides Wedding Genius

In it you will find a catalog with several options of models of dresses for brides and bridesmaids, engagement and wedding rings, in addition to suggesting some destinations for the honeymoon. According to the geographical location of the bride and groom, the application indicates the best services for photographers, bands and party decoration.

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