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Bridal gloves options

Choosing the best dress, the makeup that best matches your skin style, and of course accessories that bring more elegance to the look are essential for the bride to feel even more beautiful on the big day.

However, for those who still want to innovate their look, Espaço Noivas stylist Vânia Guimarães gives tips and bridal gloves options.

According to the stylist, contemporary brides have opted for lighter styles. “They have adapted perfectly to the “clean” style in their accessories, as new lines of modeling and differentiated effects were accepted, such as: drapes, shapeless volumes, unusual mixtures of lace, light fabrics and with a significant reduction in embroidery”, comments Vânia.

This is due to the acceptance of models of dresses with more details, which allows for lighter accessories. “We have models that are richer in detail and asking for less in their complements. That’s why we find those who idealize their dress with a detail that for some time was totally indispensable: the gloves”, explains Vânia Guimarães.

Totally sophisticated, modern and of course, elegant, the gloves for brides are great options for all types of looks. “They provide a sophisticated and elegant look to the look, in some they cause a delicate and romantic air”, says the stylist.

For brides who want to be creative, gloves with different fabrics are good investments. “To obtain the expected results, we innovate with new delicate fabrics that give subtlety, such as: organza, lace, tulle with stretch, worked tulle, among others”, suggests the stylist.

Traditional models are also recommended. “The ones made of lycra and satin are intended to protect from the cold, albeit briefly”, comments Vânia Guimarães.

But like all accessories, there needs to be a balance in the look. Therefore, the stylist brings some tips. Write down!

long gloves

This model is ideal for overnight weddings, however, you need to know your body type. “The shorter ones should avoid this model so as not to “flatten” the silhouette”, comments Vânia.

According to the stylist, the ideal dresses to wear with this type of glove are the strapless ones, with thin straps and that enhance the bosom.

semi long

They are ideal for afternoon ceremonies. “They should be used during the afternoon or even at night if the objective is also to balance the silhouette (for brides of medium height)”, explains Vânia.

The models indicated to use with semi-long gloves are the one front, shoulder to shoulder, or strapless.

short gloves

Recommended for morning weddings. “If the bride opts for romanticism, it can also be used at night. For that, invest in models in lace, light and fluid fabrics”, comments Vânia Guimarães.

The ideal dresses are strapless, strapless, as well as others such as the American cava model and short sleeves. “Short dresses are also good options”, says the stylist.

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