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7 necessary care for eyelash extension thread by thread

Women’s desire to highlight the eyes has been driving the beauty industry for several decades. Over the years, products and techniques have been developed to make the feminine look even more impactful. And it’s no wonder that the methods of stretching became famous around the world, being the eyelash extension thread by thread one of the best known. Want to know more? Check out what expert professionals Vanessa Leão and Bárbara Bortoleto tell you about the subject!

What is the thread by thread eyelash technique

To contextualize, the eyelash extension thread by thread was created by the Japanese, in the early 2000s. The technique ended up falling in the taste of many women, since they are more resistant and comfortable, in addition to having a more natural effect than eyelashes. toupees.

According to the lash designer Vanessa Leão, the technique “consists of lengthening the threads one by one” and differs from false eyelashes precisely because of the placement, since the false eyelashes are glued to the eyelid, while in the extensions “a synthetic thread is glued to its natural thread”. In addition, according to specialist Bárbara Bortoleto, the method aims to “give more volume to the eyelashes, highlighting the look and helping in the practicality of everyday life”.

How it works

The technique consists of joining a synthetic thread to the natural eyelash. However, Vanessa explains that in the procedure, “first, an assessment of the health of the eyelashes is carried out to choose the thickness of the synthetic thread, which normally ranges from 0.10mm to 0.20mm. Then, the thread is placed a little bigger or the same size as the customer’s thread”.

According to the professionals, it all starts with cleaning the eye area, followed by applying the primer, placing the protector, mapping the eyelashes, applying the threads and drying. In addition, the procedure lasts an average of an hour and a half and is painless. The material of the synthetic threads can vary according to each professional and even the chosen technique.

Lashes thread by thread X lashes tufinho X Russian volume

There are several different methods, and they all have equally beautiful finishes. However, these techniques can generate doubts when making the choice, especially in relation to the most famous and commented ones, such as the lashes thread by thread, the tufinho and the Russian volume.

To clarify, Vanessa says that “the thread-by-thread technique is nothing more than the implantation of a synthetic thread on a natural thread, one by one” which, consequently, leaves the finish more natural with elongated and slightly bulky threads. In the case of tufinho lashes, the professional explains that “there are several synthetic threads joined by a knot that comes ready and harm the natural threads because they are very heavy”. In turn, lash designer Bárbara adds that “the tufts are made to be used with false eyelash glue, since they have a thicker tip and, as a result, end up damaging the natural lashes when used with the glue for extensions” .

Finally, professional Vanessa explains that “Russian volume is the junction of 3 to 10 threads made by hand and glued to a natural thread”. She also claims that this type of extension, unlike tufted eyelashes, “does not harm the development of the client’s hair.” Barbara, in turn, also points out that the Russian volume technique “has a harmonious and more beautiful appearance” and, as the name says, gives more volume to natural lashes.

7 tips to keep your stretch perfect for longer

The eyelash extension is more resistant and durable, however, some basic care needs to be taken to preserve its beauty and charm. This is what the professionals answer next:

  • Do not wet the extension in the first hours: both professionals say that it is not recommended to wet the eyelashes for at least 24 hours after application. This is because the glue used will not yet be completely dry and contact with water at this first moment can compromise the durability of the stretching.
  • Daily hygiene: Vanessa emphasizes the importance of correct hygiene of the extension “with cold water and being careful when drying”. In addition, lash designer Bárbara abandons the idea of ​​“never stop washing eyelash extensions, thinking that if you don’t wash it, it will last longer, because when you don’t clean it, your eyelashes start to accumulate bacteria and dandruff, which is called blepharitis” .
  • Do not use eyelash mask: in addition to not being necessary, eyelashes can look heavy, with some tangled strands and even pull some of them out when removing makeup, say professionals.
  • Avoid using oil-based makeup removers: Bárbara says that oil-based makeup removers can compromise stretching, since “the oil can end up removing part of the glue from the synthetic threads”, leaving the lashes with flaws.
  • Avoid hot baths or saunas: both professionals emphasize this care, as the glue used to perform the stretching can soften when exposed to high temperatures, which consequently compromises the durability of the extension.
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes: Vanessa and Bárbara explain that although eye scratching is a common habit, it is harmful to eyelash extensions. That’s because the friction caused by the movement can end up ripping the natural wires.
  • Gently comb your lashes: Bárbara explains that over the days the lashes end up tangling, which takes away the beauty and naturalness of the finish and, therefore, it is important to “comb with a specific comb for lashes, which look like those brushes of mascara”.

If you already have eyelash extensions or intend to put them on, write down these tips! With these care, there’s no way not to have an always impeccable stretching!

Frequently asked questions and curiosities about eyelash extensions thread by thread

Does stretching eyelashes thread by thread harm natural wires?

Vanessa Leão: Performing the technique correctly, no.

Bárbara Bortoleto: It does not harm the natural lashes as long as it is done correctly.

Does the application or removal of this type of stretch cause pain?

Vanessa Leon: No! It’s a painless procedure. To remove, we have a specific product that loosens the synthetic threads without damaging the natural ones.

Bárbara Bortoleto: It doesn’t hurt. Some clients even fall asleep while performing the procedure. For removal, it is recommended to use a good remover, because there are some that cause a burning sensation at the time of removal.

How long does eyelash extensions last?

Vanessa Leão: from 20 to 40 days, depending on the client’s care.

Bárbara Bortoleto: up to 3 months! But of course it depends on the customer’s care. Maintenance must be done within 15 to 21 days.

How is the maintenance of this type of eyelash extension performed? And how often does it need to be done?

Vanessa Leão: from 15 to 20 days we can do the maintenance, replacing the threads that have fallen out and removing some threads that are about to fall out.

Bárbara Bortoleto: Maintenance is performed only on those wires that have fallen off the extension. It needs to be done between 15 to 20 days.

What is the average price to do eyelash extensions thread by thread?

Vanessa Leão: can vary from R$80.00 to R$500.00.

Bárbara Bortoleto: the price varies according to the technique and the professional. The classic thread-by-thread technique costs an average of 140 reais, but it all depends on the place and the professional.

How to remove eyelash extensions?

Vanessa Leão: the extension should never be removed at home. The trained professional has a specific product to perform the removal, so as not to harm the natural wires.

Bárbara Bortoleto: only with a professional, as the removal is done with a removal product, in which the client must keep her eyes closed.

Are there any contraindications for performing the thread-by-thread eyelash extension technique?

Vanessa Leão: Yes, clients who are already predisposed to being allergic to chemical products such as makeup and nail polish should not do so, and also those who have an eye problem.

Bárbara Bortoleto: yes, there are people who may have allergies, so it is necessary to do a test, put some threads and wait 24 hours to see if the client will not have any irritation, pain, itching, etc.

What are the advantages of performing this stretching technique?

Vanessa Leão: always be beautiful and ready, even when you wake up. Lashes enhance the look and are practical.

Bárbara Bortoleto: it facilitates the daily routine, there is no need to use mascara, no need to wear false eyelashes, it enhances the look, you save time in everyday life.

Do I need to take a break between one stretch and another?

Vanessa Leon: No!

Bárbara Bortoleto: there is no need to take a break, as our eyelashes fall out and grow normally. The break is only necessary when the person starts to have an allergy or does the “tufinho” technique and damages the natural lashes, so you have to wait for it to grow, strengthen it so you can do the extension again.

It is always important to emphasize that if you want an impeccable extension, look for reliable and responsible professionals, after all, despite being a non-invasive beauty procedure, there are a number of things that need attention! If you want to know more about it, also check out this full article on eyelash extensions!

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