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Learn how to reach orgasm alone or in company

How to reach orgasm is still a taboo for many women in Brazil. According to psychologist and sexologist, Carla Cecarello, 30% of Brazilian women with an active sex life do not reach climax. After all, how to change this reality? Also according to the expert, the first step to finding pleasure is to know your own body.

What is the female orgasm?

“Orgasm is a brain sensation that is triggered by stimulation on the clitoris. The clitoris is the organ responsible for our sexual pleasure. So, the woman receives the stimulus there, this message is sent to the brain and that’s where orgasm develops”, explains the sexologist.

How is the female orgasm?

This moment of pleasure usually lasts for seconds, and in that time, there is a contraction of the uterus. In fact, before orgasm, the woman experiences a muscular tension of the whole body and, after climax, there is a total relaxation of the muscles.

All this sensation comes from one place: the clitoris. However, according to Carla Cecarello, there are points that when stimulated can contribute to a woman’s orgasm and, therefore, are also named after that. Understand better!

  • Clitoral orgasm: this is the only true orgasm, because as already mentioned, the clitoris is responsible for female pleasure. In this type, sexual stimulation occurs through the external part of the organ, where there are no muscles and mucous membranes that can interfere with direct contact during sexual intercourse;
  • Vaginal orgasm: the sexologist explains that in this case there is penetration and the stimulation of the clitoris takes place internally. However, this part of the organ is formed by muscles and mucous membranes that end up leading to an indirect contact with the clitoris and this can make it difficult to reach climax;
  • Anal orgasm: this type of orgasm only happens if the woman is stimulated in the clitoris at the same time that there is an anal penetration. That is, it is necessary to have a stimulus in the clitoris with the introduction of some object in the vagina or in the external part of the sexual organ;
  • Breast orgasm: “there are women who, when receiving this stimulus in the breast, end up somehow pressing their legs or rubbing their clitoris in some way, which helps to have an orgasm”, reveals Carla Cecarello;
  • G-spot orgasm: like the U-spot, the G-spot is another zone that works in a supporting way in the pursuit of pleasure. “It helps women to get more excited so that orgasm can happen through the clitoris”, explains the specialist.

8 tips to reach orgasm and stay light

Anyone who thinks that orgasm is a sensation provided only during sex for two is wrong. For the sexologist, it is also possible to “get there” through masturbation. Check out some tips offered by the expert to know how to reach orgasm!

  1. Know your own body: the first step towards achieving pleasure is discovering your own body, especially the vaginal area. For this reason, the expert advises you to take a mirror and observe yourself to create an intimate relationship with yourself;
  2. Explore your sexuality: after understanding your body and discovering all its parts, how about starting to touch yourself? Gradually, you can explore with your finger the areas that allow you to have a more pleasant sensation;
  3. Find the best ways to masturbate: “Over time, you can improve by putting on some kind of vibrator. Many women use the shower head in the bathroom and place it rubbing the clitoris. Others put a pillow or pillow so they can rub. So, everyone can find their best way to masturbate”, encourages Carla Cecarello;
  4. Direct the partnership: once you know what gives you more pleasure, it becomes easier to lead your partner in sexual intercourse. So, don’t be ashamed to say how you like, what you like and, of course, what is not comfortable for you;
  5. Use masturbation during sex: mutually masturbating can be fun for the couple during sex, as it combines pleasure with new discoveries and experiences;
  6. Bet on oral sex: this type of sex allows direct contact with the external and more sensitive part of the clitoris, facilitating the arrival of climax;
  7. Invest in erotic toys: vibrator, lubricant, pills and even lingerie can spice up the relationship and make the pleasure arrive quickly;
  8. How do I know if I’ve reached a climax?: For Carla, this answer is not answered, but felt. “Whoever reaches orgasm knows that they have reached orgasm, because it is a very different sensation”, she adds.

“I just don’t advise a woman who has never masturbated to go straight away using erotic toys, because the rhythm of an erotic toy will never resemble the rhythm of a finger or a tongue”, warns the sexologist.

Positions that help you reach orgasm depending on your personality

“Each woman has a position that suits her best and this position is closely linked to her personality profile. So, it’s hard to say ‘do it like this, because then you’ll reach orgasm easier’, because it depends a lot on the woman”, says the psychologist and sexologist. However, the professional indicated four positions taking into account the characteristics of some groups of women. Look!

woman on top

“There are women who can only reach orgasm when they are on top, because they are more dominating women, they are women who like to command all the movements during sex”, he highlights. In addition, in this position there is direct contact between the clitoris and the partner’s body, stimulating clitoral orgasm.

Four position

For women who like to feel dominated by their partner in sex, the four position is the best way to reach orgasm. Another detail: this is “a position in which the woman receives penetration and there is a stimulation of the clitoris by herself or by the partner.”

Daddy and mommy

“There are already women who are more romantic. So, they like the position of mom and dad, which is where they have eye contact, body contact and can have hugs”, explains Carla Cecarello.


According to the sexologist, just like in the father and mother position, the spoon during sex is the darling of romantics. The reason? The same as the previous one, as it is a position where there is more body contact and affection for both involved.

4 questions about female orgasm for you to become an expert in pleasure

Unfortunately, sex and the female body are still treated as taboos in society. Therefore, the more explanations and clarifications on these topics are released, the more women will be able to discover their bodies, their desires and their pleasures. Be one more to solve the main doubts about how to reach orgasm with the help of sexologist and psychologist, Carla Cecarello!

1. Does the woman ejaculate every time she has an orgasm? “There are women who ejaculate, there are other women who have never ejaculated in their lives. So, this depends a lot on the woman getting to know her body well, stimulating the gland that secretes this liquid at the moment of orgasm. Therefore, not all women ejaculate, and that doesn’t stop being more or less a woman”, she says.

2. Why do legs shake during orgasm? “The legs shake during orgasm precisely because of the muscle contraction of the entire body to prepare for orgasm. When a woman has an orgasm, there is a relaxation of the muscles. So, due to the tension that was very strong exerted by the muscles, when she has orgasm and she relaxes, the body can shake, not just the legs.”

3. Is it possible to find the G-spot alone? If yes, how? “It is possible to find the G-spot, but there is no mark inside the woman that shows that she is stimulating the right place. We know that the G-spot is located in the second third of the vagina. So, she has to introduce her finger and pull the finger towards her, the G-spot is more or less there”, he reveals.

4. Are there women who cannot reach orgasm? “This is because orgasm is a condition of surrender. So women who can’t have that orgasm are very fulfilling of duties and obligations. They hardly experience pleasure in their lives in a peaceful and full way. That’s why, when a woman has this type of problem, she has to seek psychological help, because she has to understand where her release is”, she concludes.

Therefore, whether clitoral, vaginal, anal or breast, you must learn how to reach orgasm both alone and through the stimuli of partnership. After all, there are several reasons to have sex and have fun while discovering yourself.

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