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63 roulade recipes from those impossible to eat just one slice

Rocambole is, in general, that dish that impresses. It can be savory, meat or sweet dough… It’s actually more of a technique than a standard recipe: you basically have to roll the dough, placing the chosen filling in the middle.

When it comes to cooking, the possibilities are endless! And anyone who thinks that, with all its beauty, roulade is a very difficult food to make… It does require patience and care, especially when it comes to rolling it, but it’s not a seven-headed animal.

Plus, the result pays off! After all, both salted and sweet roulade are very presentable, making most people not resist, trying at least a little piece!

Get inspired by the recipes below and see the 1001 possibilities that the roulade offers… You can play a lot with the dough, the fillings and even the toppings, adapting the dish to all tastes.

Rocamboles with pasta

1. Crispy Chicken Rocambole: perfect recipe to make on a weekend or that day when you’re inspired to make something delicious in the kitchen. The dough is light, crispy and soft at the same time. The filling, in turn, is made with juicy shredded chicken, olives, onions and tomatoes.

2. Soft chicken roulade: in addition to being very tasty, this roulade can be reused, as you can make it when you have leftover roasted or cooked chicken at home. Here’s the tip!

3. Chicken roll with catupiry: to make this roll with a very creamy filling, you will need fresh yeast, milk, oil, salt, sugar, flour, egg, cooked and shredded chicken breast, black pepper, salt, catupiry (or cream cheese) and saffron.

4. Pizza roll: it’s practically just stuffing, rolling up and putting it in the oven, without dirtying dishes, without wasting time. And the result is a very tasty snack. The recipe is worth writing down!

5. Ham and cheese roulade: easy to make, you will only need biological yeast, milk, oil, salt, sugar, flour, tomato, egg, mozzarella cheese, ham, oregano, salt, vinegar and olive oil to taste to season the tomato .

6. Pepperoni roulade: you will use a dough that can also be used to make the most varied roasted snacks. It will open the dough, not leaving it too thin, and spread slices of cheese, pepperoni and oregano before rolling it. A practical and delicious recipe.

7. Pepperoni and cheese roulade: easy to make and delicious, with a very moist dough. You will need pastry dough, grated Minas cheese, pepperoni sausage, oregano, tomato sauce with basil, egg and oil.

8. Pepperoni roulade with pastry dough: easy to prepare, you will only use pastry dough, chopped pepperoni, tomato, onion, salt, olive oil, pepper, oregano, chopped olives and grated mozzarella. When you want, you can also make this roulade in the sweet version, keeping the dough and changing the filling.

9. Pizza roulade with pastel dough: in addition to the pastel dough, you will use cream cheese, chopped onion, green smell, tomatoes, green corn, sliced ​​mozzarella, sliced ​​ham and tomato sauce. If you prefer to make it without sauce, you can use beaten egg yolk and grated Parmesan for fixings.

10. Chicken roulade with ham: it’s delicious and light, as well as colorful and pretty. It can be made and frozen in miniatures or even served at a special weekend lunch, accompanied by a beautiful green salad.

11. Colorful Rocambole: it’s made with a dough that can be used to make any type of baked savory… It’s simple to make, although like all good dough it needs a little rest to rise and become more elastic and soft.

12. Sardine roulade: a practical recipe inspired by sardine pate sandwiches. You will basically need canned sardines, loaves of bread, cottage cheese and cling film.

13. Ricotta puff pastry roll, zucchini and raisins: with a puff pastry in hand, you’ll only have to worry about making the filling… Nothing more than crushed ricotta with a grated zucchini (raw) and a handful of raisins. Different and delicious recipe.

14. Salmon roulade with bread dough: to make this delicacy, you will only need loaf of bread, cream cheese, ricotta, mustard, smoked salmon, parsley, lemon, freshly ground white pepper and sesame.

15. Buffalo mozzarella roll: to make this special roll, you will need buffalo mozzarella blanket, arugula, sun-dried tomato, olive oil from the dried tomato preserve, basil, ricotta cream, chopped walnuts, pepper and salt.

16. Cheese and sun-dried tomato roulade: a perfect recipe to serve on special occasions. It can be made in advance and is delicious served hot or cold. If you want to add more charm to the dish, serve it with a pesto sauce.

Ground beef rolls

17. Spinach, Provolone and Cherry Tomato Rocambole: the perfect recipe for you to impress your guests and that is neither too difficult nor too expensive. The contrast of spinach with tomato gives it a beautiful appearance and adds even more value to the dish. The provolone, on the other hand, gives a more sophisticated touch and highlights the flavor of the meat.

18. Ricotta roulade: how about making a light filling for the good old meat roulade?! A simple recipe, where you will only use ground beef, crumbled ricotta, salt, oregano, black pepper, egg whites and oatmeal.

19. Ham and cheese roulade: simple to make, you will basically use ground beef, onion soup or other meat seasoning you prefer, mozzarella cheese and ham. If you like, you can add other seasonings as well, such as onion and garlic.

20. Ham and cheese mini roll: good choice for a little variation on the well-known meat roll. In addition to preparing in small units, you will make a sauce to put on top of the rocamboles, with tomato extract, onion, garlic, oil, salt, black pepper and a little sugar to remove the acidity.

21. Olive, tomato and corn roulade: an option to get away from grilled steak or chicken. A rocambole that is tasty and very light. The recipe yields 10 servings of 130 calories each.

22. Sausage and bacon roll: in addition to being tasty and having a very creamy filling, it makes a lot. Serves an average of six people well. The combination of ground beef, bacon and sausage is amazing!

23. Rocambole de provolone: ​​recipe that uses oats to bind the meat. Oatmeal makes the roulade more nutritious, without interfering with the taste. The tip is to serve it with a simple mashed potato and fresh peas.

24. Broccoli and walnut roulade: a roulade that is delicious as well as beautiful (due to the use of broccoli). And best of all, the preparation is easy. Ideal for varying the consumption of ground beef.

25. Rocambole with jerked beef, carrots and cheese: the filling gives the ground beef a special flavor. The tip is to serve the rocambole with pineapple sauce and red cabbage salad. Good choice for a family lunch!

26. Rocambole de mashed and funghi: mashed potatoes and ground beef are, in themselves, an incredible combination. So imagine this meat roulade stuffed with mashed potatoes and a mixture of mushrooms?! For no one to defect!

27. Zucchini roll, turkey breast, white cheese and tomato: a recipe that, in addition to being quick and easy, is versatile, as you can make it with whatever filling you want and – why not?! – even put ground chicken in place of beef, for a change.

vegetable rolls

28. Spinach roulade with brie cheese and cashews: vegetarian and different recipe, in which you will use grated parmesan cheese, spinach, chicken broth, butter, natural yogurt, eggs, nutmeg, salt, pepper, wheat flour , milk, rindless brie cheese, roasted and chopped cashews.

29. Lentil and Quinoa Rocambole: a vegetarian, tasty, nutritious and protein rocambole. It has a delicious texture, as well as having a beautiful appearance. The recipe is worth writing down!

30. Zucchini omelet roll, turkey breast and catupiry: a low carb recipe (but, as it is made with turkey breast and catupiry, it is not light). In addition, it is practical and you can vary the ingredients whenever you want, using, for example, broccoli or boiled spinach.

fruit rolls

31. Orange roulade: to make this delicious dessert, which is just as sweet, you will use orange juice (cannot be lime orange), grated orange peel, eggs, sugar, wheat flour and parchment paper.

32. Guava roll: a simple dish and comfort food! It is a sponge cake filled with guava jelly. To do whenever you feel like tasting a sweet!

33. Peach roll: a roll filled with condensed milk cream and peach, which is very moist and delicious. Good tip for dessert after a family lunch, everyone will love it!

34. Strawberry roulade: a mouthwatering dessert. You will use eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, strawberries, granulated sugar, cream, condensed milk and vanilla sugar.

35. Strawberry roulade from a blender: a recipe that, in addition to being practical, is delicious. You will only use eggs, margarine, sugar, wheat flour, vanilla essence, baking powder and strawberry jam.

36. Strawberry and whipped cream roll: a charming dessert, good for special occasions. You will only need eggs, wheat flour, granulated sugar, strawberries, fresh milk and refined sugar.

37. Banana roulade: it tastes good, very moist and is easy to make. As the filling is baked together with the dough, it is much easier to roll. In addition, it is a recipe that takes few ingredients.

chocolate rolls

38. Strawberry chocolate roll: a fluffy roll, made with an elastic dough (hard to break) and with a delicious strawberry cream. Not to mention the result is a beautiful candy!

39. Chocolate roll and whipped cream: for the dough, you will use butter, eggs, granulated sugar, wheat flour, unsweetened chocolate powder and butter. For the filling, you will only need fresh cream and granulated sugar.

40. Black Forest Rocambole: the recipe yields eight pieces. You will need eggs, sugar, flour, chocolate powder, yeast, icing sugar, fresh cream, chopped cherries in syrup, semisweet chocolate, chocolate shavings and whole cherries.

41. Cat Tongue Rocambole: To make this delicious and different dessert, you will use eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour, Cat Tongue, butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence and cocoa powder.

42. Chocolate roll with girl’s baba: easy to make, this chocolate dough roll is filled with soft egg cream, the girl’s baba. A beautiful and delicious dessert.

43. Rocambole de chocotone, milk nest and Nutella: ideal recipe for the holidays. With incredible ingredients, it’s one of those desserts that no one can resist! Despite an elaborate appearance, it’s not a difficult swiss roll to make.

44. Chocolate roulade with custard and nuts: an easy to make roulade, but it looks great, good…

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