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6 signs that you are not valued at work

We all need respect, consideration and recognition in our workplace. Do you receive it? We share the signs that help you discover it.

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz.

Our workplace is the place where we spend at least a third of our lives; What happens there has a strong impact on mental health, well-being and general satisfaction. There are different factors that influence this sensation; one of the most relevant is the degree to which we feel appreciated and recognized. But what happens when you are not valued at work?

This may interest you, especially if you experience work demotivation. As we said, there are other factors that have an impact on this matter, such as whether or not to choose a vacancy according to one’s own abilities and interests (Rottinghaus et al., 2009). However, Poor human resources work by the company leads to employee frustration and lack of commitment.

Signs that you are not valued at work

Ideally, all organizations should make it a priority to make their employees feel valued, satisfied, and supported in their professional growth. Not only for the well-being of that person, but for the favorable impact on the organization.

And it has been observed that Job satisfaction is closely and positively related to productivity, reveals an article from the Latin American Journal of Research in Organizations, Environment and Society.

Despite this, Most people do not feel valued in their work.. According to data from the analysis and advisory company Gallup, only 21% of global workers are committed to their jobs; This is because the necessary improvements are not applied to recognize their value and satisfy their needs.

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How is it possible to know if you are not valued at work? These are some signs that help you identify it.

1. Your merits are not recognized

An employment contract is a transaction in which you offer your time, knowledge and experience in exchange for a salary. Nevertheless, It is necessary that there be recognition of your good work from your superiors, especially if you show yourself committed, diligent and decisive.

In those organizations in which this effort is not seen or recognized, the worker or their contributions are not valued. In fact, according to the book 12:The Elements of Great Managing, developed by the Gallup organization, Good companies must offer praise and consider the worker’s progress.

2. There are no promotion possibilities

One of the keys to maintaining work motivation is having promotion possibilities. Therefore, any company that values ​​its workers should offer them. These possibilities come in different forms: from a salary increase based on seniority, experience or years worked, to the option of assuming greater responsibilities or ascend.

A survey conducted by PayScale points out that wanting a higher remuneration or feeling that one deserves it and not getting it, is one of the main keys that lead people to leave their jobs.

3. Your word and your opinion are not taken into account

An organization is made up of a group of people who pool their work and effort to achieve certain objectives. Thus, although there is a hierarchy and appointees who direct each project, it is important that workers have a space to offer their opinion.

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Yes in your company Your voice is not heard, there is no room for your suggestions for improvement and no one is willing to collect your feedback, It is one of the signs that you are not valued at work. And there is really no effort made to get you involved in the organization.

4. When you are not valued at work, you feel like you don’t matter as a human being.

As the guide prepared by Gallup states, in a company that values ​​and respects its employees, they must feel that they matter as human beings. Includes an open and understanding attitude on the part of supervisors, flexible hours and a willingness to help with conciliation.

A company that only seeks to benefit from the employee exerts excessive pressure, to ensure that it achieves the set objectives; but he does not care about his individual well-being. Stress and depression syndrome are then generated. burnoutnegatively affecting satisfaction and mental health (Dimitrios & Konstantinos, 2014).

5. You are stagnant at the level of personal development

The job is the vehicle to develop your potential, by offering you new challenges adapted to your interests and abilities.

As the book states First, Break All the Rules, an organization that exercises good leadership motivates and encourages the personal development of its workers; helping them identify and overcome their weaknesses and providing learning opportunities. If you feel stagnant, if you do not perceive such opportunities and support to grow and improve, it is possible that your company does not value you.

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6. You can’t be yourself in your job

Finally, you can know that there is a lack of consideration, respect or recognition towards your work as a worker if you are not allowed to be yourself. One of the main objectives of human resources is to achieve a good fit between the person and the position, so that the qualities of the former and the requirements of the latter fit.

If you have great skills and interest in working in a group and you are placed in a competitive position, you will be uncomfortable and dissatisfied and your qualities are overshadowed and overlooked. A company that values ​​you knows how to recognize your strengths and allows you to deploy them on a daily basis.

Your internal state helps you understand when you are not valued at work

As you can see, to feel that you are not valued at work it is not necessary to exist bullying, harassment or exclusion of any kind. What makes the difference are small daily actions and, above all, the culture and work style of the organization.

We cannot measure a small company and a multinational company with the same scale, since their resources and means are not the same. However, your internal state is the best compass to know if you are appreciated, respected and recognized in your job position. And if not, anxiety, sadness, dissatisfaction and frustration will be a constant.

The decisions will depend on your personal situation, possibilities and needs. But it is important to act on it; Otherwise, your physical or psychological health will suffer significantly.

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