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50 straight short hair options to squander style and practicality

Straight short hair is ideal for those looking to transform the look in a super stylish way! The short length is synonymous with practicality, while the straight base brings modernity and attitude to the strands. Check out amazing short straight hair ideas below to reveal your best version.

50 short straight hair photos that are versatile and charming

A straight short cut exudes elegance and makes any look much more amazing! In addition to practical, it matches any type of hair. See some options below and choose your favorite:

1. Short straight hair is a stylish option

2. Perfect for those who prioritize practicality

3. Without losing style

4. The cut suits different hair types

5. Straight straight short hair is more common

6. Yeah, highlights the straight base

7. And it leaves the look beyond modern

8. Style your hair with laid-back waves

9. For this, use the flat iron or curling iron

10. But remember not to curl to the end of the wire.

11. So the result of short straight hair will look amazing!

12. This type of cut is versatile

13. So leave the strands natural

14. And turn frizz into your best friend

15. Short straight hair with bangs is beautiful

16. The look is modern and romantic at the same time

17. Use a small amount of yarn for a lighter fringe

18. Or bet on the curtain bangs trend and rock it!

19. If you want to change your everyday look

20. Invest in hairstyles

21. Create something fun

22. Or include some accessories

23. Like, for example, the cap. A charm!

24. Want something simpler? So toss your hair to the side

25. That way, you look beautiful and full of attitude

26. On the other hand, short straight hair divided in the middle is stylish

27. Brings sobriety to the look

28. Besides being the perfect hairstyle for formal events

29. Still not ready to take a chance on short hair?

30. Alright! Shoulder-straight short hair can be an option

31. This version is also charming

32. Looks great with light waves

33. As in the plain version

34. Have you found your favorite idea yet?

35. Don’t be afraid to dare!

36. Enjoy and change the color of the wires

37. A platinum is surprising

38. Blue is present wherever it goes

39. How about purple hair?

40. Look good for everyday with straight short hair

41. Rock it out at a party

42. Enjoy the practicality of short hair

43. And be ready for any occasion

44. Transforming the look is starting a new phase

45. After all, a good cut raises self-esteem

46. ​​So choose your favorite

47. Think about your routine and needs

48. And book an appointment at the salon now!

49. Regardless of the short straight hair version chosen

50. You’ll look even prettier with the new locks!

Did you like these cut ideas? Surely one of them matches your style and personality! If you love an adventure and want to cut your hair right now, check out some tutorials in the next topic.

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How to cut short straight hair

See below the selected videos for you to learn how to cut and finish your new hair:

How to cut short straight hair

In this video, influencer Bruna Malheiros shows how to cut her hair at home. She starts the step by step with wet strands and then divides her hair into 4 sessions to get the cut. In the end, she dries and gives valuable tips to leave the hair straight and light. Check out!

Straight short hair with bangs

Do you want to have short hair with bangs? This video is for you! With silicone rubber bands and professional scissors, youtuber Namie Kishimoto teaches several tricks to cut short straight hair with bangs in a simple way. Press play to see all the details of the tutorial.

Finishing for straight, well-aligned hair

The straight version of this type of hair is the most common, as it highlights the straight base of the cut. So, see in the video how to finish the wires to have a super smooth and aligned effect. The most important tip is to use a thermal protector on the wires before adding any heat source.

Curls with curling iron for short hair

Who said short hair has to be boring? Check out in Victória Rocha’s tutorial how to make waves in short hair. The cool thing about this option is that it is very fast and leaves a super stripped result.

Changing your look is good for self-esteem and straight short hair can be a good option. If you want to be even more daring, check out short red hair options.

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