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31 Proofs That Cats Are Interesting And Superior Beings

Cats are scary and beautiful at the same time. And they have the ability to distract us from whatever important task we are doing. But… what do they do that’s so fantastic and special? It can be your affectionate and haughty personality at the same time. Or your purr every time we pet. Any excuse is fine when it comes to fawning over a feline, especially if we’re talking about our own cats.

O awesome.club wants to share with you 31 more than interesting data about these beloved pets.

1. Cats can make up to 100 different sounds

Dogs, for example, are capable of producing only 10. It’s hard to find a person who has never heard a meow or a purr, but don’t forget that our feline friends produce irritating sounds, cries for help and miscellaneous noises when they want to. something. They also have a kind of “cluck” when they see prey in the distance or on certain exceptional occasions.

2. They are able to recognize the voice of their owners

Cats have the ability to differentiate the voices of strangers from those of their owners. However, in their 9,000 years of evolution, they have always been “free spirits” and choose not to obey their owners, unlike dogs.

3. Even though in many cultures (as in ours) black cats are synonymous with bad luck, in others they are super loved.

In the midlands from England, black cats make excellent wedding gifts. In France, having a cat of this color is believed to bring good luck. At the Japan and in other Asian countries, having a black cat makes you the master of your own fortune.

4. There are currently 44 cat breeds registered in the world

5. The first and only cat that went to space was called Félicette (the “Astrocat”), and he was from France

He took off in 1963, and arrived in Space. Félicette had electrodes implanted in her brain, which sent signals to Earth. Fortunately, she returned safe and sound from the trip.

6. They have a more sensitive ear than humans and even dogs

7. Super speed

Cats also reach a super speed: 50 km/h. It may not seem like much, but make the comparison: Usain Boltthe Jamaican multi-champion sprinter in the 100 meters (considered the fastest human in the world) reaches 45 km/h.

8. Purring is a basic thing that cats do

However, scientists are still not sure how this works. Most vets believe it has to do with a severe vibration of the vocal cords. A muscle in the larynx opens and blocks the passage of air at a speed of 25 times per second.

9. They usually have 1 to 9 puppies at a time

In 1970, a Burmese Siamese cat from Oxfordshire, UK, gave birth 19 kittens, of which 15 survived. This fact ended up in the Guinness Book of Records.

10. Cats have an interesting way of letting humans know who’s boss

If they leave their feces uncovered, they are trying to demonstrate who’s in charge at home especially if there are other cats to compete with. This comes from their wild ancestors, who marked their territory and demonstrated their power over others in this way. Another “indicator” of who is in charge is their need to control their every move.

11. A cat’s brain is much more like a human’s than a dog’s

Feline brains have a surface wrinkle just like ours. They also have regions responsible for emotions, very similar to those of humans.

12. The first cat, or its prehistoric relative, lived on Earth 30 million years ago

It is known as Proailurus lemanensis, which means “first feline” in Greek. The family of the current domestic cat appeared 12 million years.

13. The biggest wild cat is the Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger can reach 3.7 m long and weigh until 318 kg. That’s basically the size of a small car. Considering only cats, Maine Coons are the largest, with an impressive maximum weight of 11 kg, double that of an average cat.

14. Cats hate water

15. The oldest breed of cat is the Egyptian Mau

Your ancestors walked the planet more than 4 thousand years🇧🇷 If you ever travel to Egypt, you already know how to say the word “cat”: it says “bad”. Not meow but “bad”.

16. Some people love cats so much that having just one is never enough

That must be why a cat was the first mascot to be commercially cloned. We’re talking about “Little Nicky”. His owner paid $50,000 for the lawsuit.

17. Group of cats

There is a special word in English for naming a group of cats: clowder🇧🇷 In Portuguese, the truth is “cat”.

18. “Psychic Journey”

We’ve all heard stories of cats finding their way home, no matter how miles away from their owners. This talent is known as psychic trip. Kittens are believed to have special cells in their brains that act as internal compasses or that can find their way using the angle of sunlight.

19. Don’t meow to each other

They can purr and make defensive sounds directed at other cats, but only meow with humans.

20. Can manipulate humans

When cats need something from their owner, adapt the meow to manipulate humans. Who would deny a kitten something when it looks like a crying baby?

21. Cat Coffee

The most expensive coffee in the world, called Kopi Luwak, is produced from the civet cat. See if you dare: the animal eats coffee beans and then processes them in its stomach. And yes, that means it expels the content from the other side. The result is clean, roasted and sold for about a thousand dollars a pound!

22. Furry animal

Our friends, so adorable and cuddly, produce 20,000 hairs per square centimeter.

23. A favorite paw

In the same way that humans are left-handed or right-handed, in cats a paw is more skillful than the other🇧🇷 Most cats are right-handed while males are usually left-handed.

24. The most successful mouse catcher among cats was Towser

25. Fast heart

A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human’s. 110 to 140 beats per minute.

26. Supersensitive

Cats are super sensitive when picking up vibrations🇧🇷 Some of them can perceive earthquakes 10 or 15 minutes earlier than humans.

27. Some cat breeds change color according to body temperature

In the 1930s, this was discovered in Siamese cats. This breed has albino genes that work their “magic” when the temperature rises above 36°C. They often have dark areas on their feet, tail, ears, and face (ie at the ends of their bodies) while the rest of the coat remains a cream-white shade. This also occurs in Himalayan cats and other oriental breeds.

28. The first cat to appear in cartoons was Félix, in 1919

The first, as we said, was Félix. Tom, probably the most famous cartoon cat and remembered for his fierce desire to catch Jerry, became a star thanks to a short film called “El gato se gana el zapatazo” 21 years later. cats, the biggest feline musical of all time, premiered in London in 1981.

29. A true traveler

Hamlet, a true traveller, is a kitten that escaped from its cage on a plane and spent 7 weeks on board, flying a total distance of over 600,000 km.

30. A millionaire cat

Tommaso was a stray cat who begged for food in the streets of Rome, until he met his future owner, Maria Assunta. Grateful for all the love the feline gave her, the childless woman decided that Tommaso deserved to inherit her fortune from 13 million dollars🇧🇷 As it was impossible to leave all this to an animal, Maria turned her nurse into the faithful guardian of the feline’s fortune.

31. Milk is not for cats

If you think that milk is the best treat you can give your cat because it is a “natural” product, know that this is a mistake. In the same way as adult mammals, cats can be lactose intolerant.

Did you know so much information about the feline world? Do you know other interesting facts about cats? Share with us in the comments!

Illustrator, Alena Tsarkova exclusive to Incrível.club

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