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21 Examples of Services That Look Like They Came From the Future

When we go back to watching the movie Back to the Future 2, upon seeing Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown traveling in the time machine to 2015, it is inevitable to sketch a smile on his face. After all, the 2015 shown in the 1989 film is very different from the one we live in real life.

But, if the futuristic world imagined by the film’s creators did not come true, it can be said that we live in a world full of interesting technologies (and, sometimes, not so complex) that had not been imagined back in 1985, when the feature premiered.

O awesome.club gathered some examples of everyday life that show that the future has already arrived. And we’re lucky to live in it, don’t you think?

McDonald’s tables perfect for both kids and adults

“In a restaurant, we were given an hourglass. As soon as the sand falls into the bottom container, the waiter arrives with our order.”

“I ordered an orange juice and received this. At least I am 100% sure that the juice is natural”

This is how this diner hides cell phone chargers from customers

“A local restaurant has a rack that keeps the ketchup ready to use”

“I ordered an iced coffee and they put frozen coffee cubes instead of regular ice. Everything to prevent water from diluting the concentration of the drink”

Bags that make it clear which products should be placed first in the fridge

Under the drinking water taps, this snack bar has placed vases with plants so that the falling drops moisten the earth

Mug with ice compartment. This way, the beer stays cold longer.

The owners of this place will go to heaven nonstop

“Free meal. Dear friends, if you are hungry and have no money to pay, ring the bell and come in. We will give you free lunch or coffee any time of the day.”

“Our menu includes:

1. Vegetarian meal of the day

2. Non-vegetarian meal of the day

3. Milk / Coffee / Soda

If you have a food allergy or dietary restriction, let us know.”

Counter with cooling system, which keeps the ice intact in customers’ drinks, leaving the drink always cold

Vase of mint for customers to pick and add to their mojito

This is how a bar pleases its visitors

Spiral so that tangerines go down easily to the hall of a restaurant

“I read that a cafeteria had been set up in the town’s library. Came to check and found this self service space. Not bad”

Perfect tea bag cups for those who want their drink on the go

With this offer, doing a good deed becomes even more pleasurable

“Do you have 2 minutes? Of course yes.

Grab the bucket and make a difference with #2MinutesToCleanTheBeach. Fill the bucket with collected garbage and we will fill your glass (free, with any drink)”.

This store has a bar for those who want to rest while shopping.

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Special place for carts inside the store for those who didn’t calculate the quantity of their purchases well

This store uses electronic price tags, which saves paper and takes care of the environment.

Fresh mushrooms on a supermarket shelf

Which of these things would you like to see in your city? Comment!

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