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20+ Valuable objects discarded and found in the trash

In developed countries, food with an expiring date is discarded mercilessly in an unbelievable amount. In the United States alone, 30% to 40% of the food produced goes to waste. Because of this, both in the USA and in Europe, a movement known as dumpster diving (“diving in dumpsters”, in free translation) became known and has been gaining followers. Initially, the “divers” were looking for edible food, thrown away by supermarkets and restaurants. Over time, they also began to look for clothing, furniture, cosmetics, appliances and electronics.

Apparently, some engage in this for a living, selling the most valuable items they find in the trash; others consider the dumpster diving a hobby that can generate some income. On the social network Reddit, even a community was created in which Internet users share their findings. After checking some pictures, the incredible.club he was amazed at how futile the consumer society is, literally throwing away gold and money. This post will show you how many amazing objects end up being discarded. But looking on the bright side, many take this valuable “trash” home, taking action that could rid the Earth of tons of waste.

“I found these Gucci shoes in the university dumpster. By the way, I was able to easily remove the dirt from the tip of them”

Reddit users made an observation: an identical new pair costs R$ 6,400.

“I found this handcrafted 14-carat gold ring, which costs BRL 1,115, with a glass stone. These little hands were close.”

“I found this Carol Brass CTR-1000H-YS trumpet, which costs around R$2,230”

“I took this out of the trash next to the pharmacy. All parts look like new. I sent them to a charity.”

“My husband and I finally got up the courage to do our first ‘dive’. It was fun!”

“I found mid-20th century American Tourister suitcases near the dumpsters”

“Today the ‘fishing’ worked”

“I found an old case with a compass, a spyglass and a magnifying glass inside”

“I found this beauty in a jewelry box. It’s a 14k gold tanzanite ring surrounded by 23 real diamonds.”

“On the sidewalk, I found these four real leather stools with the message: ‘Free! Now I’m vegan!’ Thank you, unknown vegan!”

“Found this iJuke music machine in the condo trash can”

“On the sidewalk I came across six chairs from IKEA”

“I found this 65-inch TV. It works perfectly. The previous owners even left the remote control with them.”

“We are both excited about my first find”

“Today, I found this book with a medical text written 150 years ago in the trash”

An ashtray that is almost 100 years old

“My boyfriend found this in the dumpster near work. I cleaned the leather with vinegar and rubbed the wood with linseed oil.”

The MacBook Pro and iPod mini were also scrapped, despite working perfectly. They were collected by people who know how to see the real value of things

these objects vintage amazing also found new owners

“I found two gift cards in a thrift store trash can. I just checked your balance — each has the equivalent of R$550 worth of vouchers.”

“I found a saxophone. I intend to sell it for BRL 1,100 and settle my debt with the organization of the course”

“I found money in an old backpack thrown in the trash”

“In eight years, this was one of the craziest finds. I ended up selling all the items (brand new) for BRL 4,400”

And you, have you ever come across a valuable object, but discarded because it was considered useless?

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