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19 People Who Found Their Soulmate In Someone Older

Even though most of us know that love is capable of overcoming any obstacle, there are often still certain prejudices around couples with a considerable age difference. What is certain is that this type of couple often faces unpleasant looks and comments; however, more and more people are able to fight stereotypes every day, demonstrating that age is not an impediment to finding the love of your life.

O awesome.club I strongly believe that this world revolves around love, so I decided to share with you a series of couples who have shown their happiness to everyone, regardless of age difference.

1. “We had a baby! 51 year old male, 28 year old female and little Livvie, 4 months old”

2. “Man 53 and woman 27: before and after our trip. We travel all the time. The life is good”

3. “My love and I have been together for over five years. It might be interesting to mention that we are 36 years apart. And no, he has no money and I currently have more conditions than he does.”

4. “We got married a year ago and just had our first baby, aged 54 and 28”

5. “Two months ago, 25 and 61 years old; We couldn’t be happier!”

6. “I, at 31, married my best friend, at 53”

7. “Woman 20 and man 41. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, the best year of my life, we work together and my family loves him. Each month, we plan a trip. It’s so beautiful to be in a stable, loving relationship.”

8. “Our age difference has resulted in this beautiful joy!”

9. “We did it! 32-year-old female and 56-year-old male (and our two daughters in the second photo)”

10. “This is my second marriage. I realized (I’m 42 years old) that it really was better that I hadn’t met my 27-year-old husband earlier in my life. We are now our best versions. And we are exactly who we want to be, as it is what we deserve, both as individuals and as a couple.”

11. “Anyway! After 14 years together, we (female 44 and male 60) exchange vows. We had a wonderful day with family and close friends”

12. “He, 28, she, 61; It all started with a quarantine. After a year, we couldn’t be happier.”

13. “Woman 24 and man 50. We were together for three years. We bought our house last year. I’m trying to lose weight so we can start trying to have a baby.”

14. “Age difference of 16 years and we are very happy. Almost two years together, 24 and 41 years old”

15. “Look what the 58 year old love of my life and I, 30, did! This month she turns 2 and people still can’t believe he is her father”

16. “My 52-year-old husband and I, 30. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year”

17. “Me at 30, and the love of my life at 47. Together for two years, he makes me happy like I’ve never been before”

18. “My 73-year-old husband and 28-year-old I have known each other for ten years, been together for eight, and have been married for two!”

19. “Female 45+, male 25. Really in love, four years strengthening our relationship with my soulmate”

What obstacles have you overcome for love? Tell us about your experience or that of your friends and family that demonstrate that love is capable of anything!

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