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16 kittens who love to lie down in unusual positions

Every cat owner usually has a million photos of their cat on their cell phone, and among them there are always true works of art worthy of everyone’s attention. Certainly, the internet users of our post today understand this very well — they shared photos of their kittens sleeping in unusual and uncomfortable positions.

We, from awesome.club🇧🇷 We can’t resist the charm of these furry cuties. And at the end of the post we prepared a bonus for those who want to receive an extra portion of cuteness. Check out!

1. “She has grown out of the bowl but refuses to sleep anywhere else”

2. The premiere of the new ballet show! And for the first time in history it will be performed lying down!

3. They say it’s good to sleep when the day is tough

4. My dear colleague

5. Suddenly, she fell asleep in the middle of the game

6. When you want to be as close as possible to the person you love

7. What’s the matter, human?

8. “People at the shelter said that the cat we adopted wasn’t very fond of children. This is Odin on the day of his adoption.”

9. “I take my cat on my adventures, but he just sleeps”

10. A cat that lives on a nearby farm brought her kitten

11. Your favorite place! I feel so lucky with my new kitten

12. “Don’t let this photo fool you. He fell asleep while biting my arm.”

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13. “He took a nap in my wife’s bag”

14. “Sleeping in his favorite chair”

15. “She will be angry when I have to go back to work”

16. Essential products

Bonus 1: Inspired by internet kittens, our contributors to awesome.club decided to share their pussies too

Bonus 2: It’s not a kitten, but it’s cute… “When she sleeps in this position, she forms a heart with her spots”

Your pet also sleep in peculiar positions? What’s his favorite place to take that nap? Tell us in the comments section.

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