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16 condensed milk pudding recipes that will please many palates

The condensed milk pudding is, without a doubt, one of the most loved desserts among Brazilians. But, did you know that it is one of the legacies of the Portuguese colonizers? It all started with the traditional milk pudding, invented long before condensed milk, based on milk, sugar and lots of eggs.

When it comes to making condensed milk pudding, despite the very classic recipes, each person has their preferences… Some people prefer it “with holes”, some have tricks to leave it without… , as well as those who appreciate a very creamy pudding.

Traditional and irresistible puddings

1. Basic condensed milk pudding: a super simple recipe, to make whenever you feel like this irresistible sweet. You will only use condensed milk, milk, eggs and sugar to caramelize.

2. Perfect condensed milk pudding: you will only need condensed milk, milk, eggs and granulated sugar. Once ready, the pudding should stay in the fridge for about 8 hours, so remember to prepare it in advance!

3. Creamy condensed milk pudding: to make this delight, you will need condensed milk, whole milk, vanilla essence, eggs, sugar and water. The preparation has no secrets and the result is incredible.

4. Delicious condensed milk pudding: if you like a super creamy pudding without holes, this recipe is for you! If you prefer with holes, just hit the ingredients in the blender and skip the step of passing through the sieve. But with or without holes, this pudding is wonderful!

5. Condensed milk pudding in the pot: you can use this recipe and prepare this pudding in a traditional way, but the truth is that making it in the pot makes your dessert much more charming and different. Good request to make and delight your love on a special day!

6. Aerated condensed milk pudding: it’s simple to make and a real delight! It has holes on the outside, but it’s dense and creamy on the inside. You will only use condensed milk, milk, eggs and granulated sugar to caramelize the mold.

7. Firm and shiny condensed milk pudding: a pudding that gets more “hard”, is creamy and without holes. You will use condensed milk, milk, free-range eggs and sugar and water for the syrup. Preparation is no secret!

8. Chef Flavio Frederico’s condensed milk pudding: learn how to make condensed milk pudding without holes with one of the best pastry chefs in the country, Flavio Federico. I’m sure everyone will love the result.

Somewhat different puddings

9. Pumpkin condensed milk pudding: a pudding that is very creamy. The pumpkin taste is not even felt, only its irresistible creaminess. It is worth adding this ingredient, everyone will be surprised by the result!

10. Diet condensed milk pudding: to eat without guilt! You will only need oven and stovetop sweetener, eggs, diet powdered condensed milk, water, milk and vanilla beans (optional).

11. Microwave condensed milk pudding: as good as traditionally made. You can make this recipe in a mug (or two depending on the size) or in small jars.

12. Condensed milk pudding with coconut: sometimes it’s good to give a special touch to a recipe that is already delicious, right? This pudding has fresh grated coconut and is very different from the original, but very tasty.

13. Condensed milk pudding with vanilla: in this recipe, the caramel is made only with sugar. The process is quicker and you can freely stir the sugar while it caramelizes. The only important thing is not to leave it in the pan after it’s done, because the caramel hardens in a matter of seconds.

14. Condensed milk pudding with cream cheese: condensed milk pudding is already delicious, imagine when you get cream cheese in the preparation?! Also, the recipe is easy. It’s worth a try.

15. Condensed milk pudding with coconut and cream cheese: a pudding that is delicious, melts in your mouth. Anyone who wants can substitute cream cheese for cream cheese, it works too. Good tip for those who like to vary recipes!

16. Milk pudding condensed with cashew nuts: to get a “party vibe” and more irresistible, this pudding has ground cashew nuts on top. You can also substitute cashews for walnuts if you prefer.

Both the traditional and the more elaborate versions of condensed milk pudding are simple to make, take few ingredients and please most palates! It’s the perfect dessert for your weekend lunch or other special occasions!

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