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15 Women Who Got Tired Of Rapunzel And Fell In Love With Short Cuts

People often associate long hair with beauty and femininity, so many women prefer to grow their hair long. But those who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance, cut their hair with ease and do it right!

We, from awesome.club, we are sure that women are beautiful regardless of the length of their hair. So if your soul calls for changes in your look, go for it!

“I cut my hair. I feel such relief, as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Your hair is amazing in every way! I screamed when I saw the second photo. You cut so much hair! © QuetzalKraken / Reddit

“A few weeks ago, I shaved my head and, to be honest, whenever I look in the mirror, I’m blown away by what I see. This is wonderful”

“After eight months of doubts, I finally decided to cut my hair! I feel so bold”

“Before and after. I cut my hair and I feel free”

“I achieved! I cut 76 cm of hair and I feel like a totally different person.”

“Finally got the courage to cut my hair and loved the result”

“Before and after the cut. My hair is now much healthier”

“I cut 20 cm of hair”

A little transformation: from a long-haired beauty to a short-cut diva

“I cut 15 cm of my hair”

“My ‘before and after’”

“The love of my life broke up with me, so I cut my hair.”

“Last year I did some crazy things with my hair. And last week I cut it all!”

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“I cut 43cm of my hair and want to donate it to charity”

“Customers at work ask me, ‘What did you do with your hair? It was so beautiful!’ But I feel lighter and freer”

Do you prefer long hair or short cuts? Tell us in the comments section.

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