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Why shouldn’t you wear makeup every day?

High coverage concealer, cream foundation, compact powder, mascara with a triple volume effect, blush with natural coloring, eyeshadow quartet, lipstick – all these items perfectly fit the description of the ideal arsenal to hide those blemishes of the face appearance that so much bother.

Makeup has been used over the centuries to make the human face more and more perfect and, therefore, a large part of the world’s female population cannot live without it. Applying makeup daily would be the ideal solution for an always flawless appearance, were it not for a detail: they say that using makeup too often can be harmful to the health of the skin, causing acne, increasing oiliness or drying the face.

Dermatologist Helena Zantut clarifies the main doubts on the subject and gives tips to avoid the problem.

Is makeup really harmful to skin health?

Helena explains that, depending on the quality of the products used, the skin may suffer more or less damage. However, according to the dermatologist, even the most reputable brands harm the health of the skin and pores.

“Makeup has to be of good quality. Today we have many, like MAC, Vichy, La Roche Posay, for example, but unfortunately they are imported and, sometimes, they are not sold here in Brazil”, says the specialist.

Asked what kind of skin problems can be caused by the continuous use of makeup, Helena says that “the main one is contact dermatitis (allergies), and skin blemishes”.

Do makeup products designed to treat acne and other skin conditions really work, or are they also harmful?

Several manufacturers advertise, on packaging and even in advertising, that the makeup products developed by them would also have a medicinal function against acne, blemishes and other skin problems. Helena defends the thesis that any type of product that promises miraculous results should be used under the guidance of a dermatologist.

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“Today, dermocosmetics laboratories are conducting studies to combine treatment with the cosmetic and aesthetic part”, she explains, “so much so that they already make protectors with base, depigmenting agents, vitamin C, among others”. This factor, however, does not mean that the product will treat the problem as promised.

The ideal would be to compare the information provided by the manufacturer with the guidelines and the opinion of an expert you trust. The dermatologist will be able to indicate the best products for each skin type, which can avoid problems such as allergies and irritations.

”The most modern, nowadays, are BB cream and CC cream – they already exist from L’Oréal. There are also acne treatments along with primer and foundation, among others”, he says.

How to prevent the use of makeup from harming the skin?

Care to prevent skin problems caused by excessive makeup is well known to the female audience, but it is worth remembering: “always remove all makeup before going to bed and always use sunscreen before applying makeup”, concludes Helena.

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