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15 tips for making a bar at home and photos to give you great ideas

Are you thinking about having a bar at home, but don’t know where to start to decide all the details? So, read on to read amazing tips and some photos to inspire you on this project!

15 tips to help you make your bar at home right now

Are you excited to have a bar at home, but still not sure how to get started? Stay calm! Here, we have curated the best information of everything you need to know before embarking on this project. Follow:

1. Choose the environment well

The first step to having a bar at home is to think about where it will be. The living room is usually the most voted choice, but it all depends on the space you have. Choose the environment very well, because from this step you can think about the decoration of your bar.

2. Think about the decor

Do you want a more rustic, elegant or youthful bar style? Depending on the choice, the decor can be quite different. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about this item, as it will even define the furniture that you will use to compose the bar.

3. Buy or reuse furniture

You won’t always need to buy new furniture to set up the bar. You can use, for example, an old armchair. But if you need to buy, invest in functional items, such as tea carts are great options and can be found in various colors, styles and prices.

4. Choose your drinks well

What are your favorite drinks? Or what drinks would you like to offer your guests? You can buy drinks that are more practical to prepare, which are ideal for a simpler bar, for example.

5. Research the utensils well

We know that some drinks are super practical, but what about when you feel like having a more elaborate drink? At this time, utensils are essential to make the preparation of the drink more practical. Some options for you to purchase are: ice bucket, cocktail shaker, punch, different types of glasses and tray.

6. Pay attention to your budget

It is important to define a value that you can spend to create the bar at home, otherwise, you may end up surprised with the final bill for this renovation. Check your finances, set a budget and choose the bar decoration according to this pillar. But don’t despair, it’s easy to make a bar at home for little money.

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7. Choose a professional to help

Would you rather leave the organization of this project in the hands of a professional? Or do you want to research and organize everything yourself? Both options are good and have their advantages and disadvantages, so there’s no right or wrong with this item, just what makes the most sense for you. However, a little help from those who understand the subject can be very useful!

8. Always have cold drinks

This tip may go unnoticed, but if you want to have a bar at home, you need to have extra space in the freezer to have plenty of ice. If the budget allows, you can even buy a mini freezer and make it part of the decor.

9. Search for inspiration

Still a little lost and don’t know where to start to organize your ideas? Get inspired by other projects to find your style. Keep reading, because in this text, we will help you with that.

10. Take care of the lighting

Lighting is a very important factor in making the environment cozy for you and your guests. Prioritize places with good lighting so you can make the most of sunlight and have a nice afternoon with friends. So be on the lookout for that item as well.

11. Vary the drinks

Have varied drinks in your bar to suit all tastes. You can use and abuse creativity to try new things and buy different drinks. A nice tip is to subscribe to clubs for signature drinks or other types of drinks, so you’ll always be tasting different flavors.

12. Be careful with glass accessories

Glass accessories are beautiful, but they need extra care, see? So, if you choose such an accessory for your bar, redouble your attention with these items. Also, look for good quality items, as they are made of more resistant material, because of this, they do not break easily.

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13. Invest in trays

Trays are great for those who have little space or little money to invest in expensive furniture. In addition, they are excellent for organizing drinks and making guests feel special.

14. Less is more

The home bar needs practical. So, it’s no use filling up with decorations, drinks and glasses to have a beautiful bar, since it won’t be functional in everyday life. So less is more! Put in your bar the items that work for you.

15. Use the space to relax

Had a rough day and need to relax? Or had a wonderful day and want to celebrate? With a bar at home, you don’t even have to go out to have these moments and, on top of that, you can invite special people too. Take advantage of the space to enjoy a special moment.

50 home bar decor ideas for you to fall in love with

Now that you already know all the information to start your project, how about some inspirations to help with the decoration of your corner? See below our selection of photos for you to make your bar at home wonderful.

1. The bar at home is a cozy space

2. Where you can enjoy a special moment

3. And enjoy a good drink

4. The environment needs to be well decorated

5. To match your style

6. And welcome your guests

7. You can integrate the bar with the gourmet area

8. This style is perfect for socializing with friends on the weekend

9. But if your problem is space, look how cool this closet idea

10. The secret is to take advantage of any space left in the house

11. And create a bar designed especially for you

12. The bar at home can also integrate other environments

13. Thus, the house is very sophisticated

14. But if you like something more minimalist

15. Your bar can be simpler, without losing its beauty and functionality

16. The best thing about this is that the project is more economical

17. And you can take advantage of what you already have at home

18. Like this option below, it looks beautiful!

19. Abuse your creativity!

20. Are you enjoying our inspiration list?

21. Now, let’s talk about decoration

22. Displaying drinks complements your decor

23. Other decorative pieces help bring personality to the bar

24. Impossible not to fall in love, right?

25. A good alternative is to leave the bar on the prominent wall

26. Putting some plants bring life to the environment

27. What makes your corner even happier,

28. With the feeling of comfort

29. And it matches every style of home bar

30. By the way, a great decoration tip is to make art on the wall

31. Besides being beautiful, it’s very easy to make

32. It could be something as simple as this burnt cement wall

33. Want to know how to keep your bar at home always beautiful?

34. First, he needs to stay organized

35. A great tip is the trays

36. Crochet trays combine the useful with the pleasant: beauty and organization

37. This organization brings peace, right?

38. Exposing few items can help

39. As it becomes easier to clean

40. That way, you’ll always have a very organized bar

41. Are you looking for a full-service bar at home?

42. Then see the next inspirations

43. Do you know the coffee corner that’s been a little forgotten?

44. How about giving it a makeover and joining it to the bar at home?

45. Or, join the bar with the cellar

46. ​​So guests can choose between wine and drink

47. Remember: use your creativity to make a bar at home

48. So your place to relax will have your face

49. And it’s sure to be your new favorite environment

50. Well, you planned everything with great care!

Now it’s easy to make a decoration in your style after these amazing photos. Surely your project will be very cozy and as you envisioned!

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You can make a bar at home with cheaper options to the most sophisticated ones. In addition, you can carry out the project yourself or ask for help from a professional. Did you like the tips? So, check out our suggestions for creating a photo wall at home.

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