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22 Oatmeal Cake Recipes That Are Deliciously Nutritious

If you’re a fan of a cupcake, you can’t help but try the oatmeal cake and its variations. Oatmeal is a super-ingredient that is very rich in fiber and can replace wheat flour in preparations. See recipes for you to try!

For those who are lactose intolerant, it is an excellent option, as it does not contain milk in the dough.

Want a delicious, quick and practical recipe? Test this one!

Enjoy this delicious mug cake, just the right size for a snack.

If you’re cutting down on sugar, you’ve found the perfect recipe!

5. Fit oatmeal cake

Healthy, sugar and gluten free cake, an excellent choice for everyday life!

Delicious version, with whole ingredients and honey to make it even more nutritious!

Functional recipe with rice and oat flour, gluten free and with a light flavor of cloves and cinnamon.

How about a fit recipe, without sugar, without wheat flour and with banana and cinnamon? Hmmmm!

For those who love a cupcake, nothing like an oatmeal recipe with caramelized bananas!

Gluten-free and lactose-free, this apple, cinnamon and brown sugar recipe is everything, and it’s still made in a blender. See recipe.

Want to taste that apple muffin with raisins? Try this one!

Wet, fluffy orange cake and on top of a blender!

For those who appreciate a passion fruit cake, this recipe is a good choice, as it is without wheat flour, but with plenty of flavor.

Fit pineapple cake, butter, milk and wheat free!

Demerara sugar and grated coconut are ingredients in this fit recipe that replaced wheat with oats.

The chopped apricot guarantees the sweetness and the yogurt guarantees the texture!

Were you looking for a cake recipe with nuts? You will fall in love with this delight. See recipe.

For the chocoholics on duty, it’s worth checking out this low carb treat.

How about a sugar, lactose, gluten free cake with that peanut butter taste?

This cake has the sweetness of condensed milk combined with the flavor of coconut. You need to prove it!

Made entirely in the blender, this sweet potato fit cake is easy and will conquer you!

Who doesn’t love a cornbread? If it’s nutritious and easy to make then… just joy!

Oatmeal is a great alternative for those allergic and intolerant to wheat. If you’re part of this group or just want to cut down on your flour consumption, check out these gluten-free cake recipes too!

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