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10 lingerie sets to drive any man crazy

No one doubts the power of beautiful lingerie! Men are extremely visual and, therefore, are enchanted and go crazy with a set, preferably, very sensual. And many women, of course, do not give up investing in beautiful models, that value their body, increase their self-esteem even more and please their partner!

“Beautiful and daring lingerie plays a very important role in a couple’s life. In addition to arousing greater interest in men, it plays an important role in women’s self-esteem, as it makes them more beautiful, attractive and desired. All this makes the relationship with your partner even more pleasurable”, says Patrícia Maziviero, owner of a sex shop.

Taste is taste, everyone has their own. But most men declare that they love black and red lingerie. “I notice that men’s preference is for daring and transparent lingerie, which show a little of the woman’s body, so that he can see it even without having to remove the pieces altogether”, says Patrícia. “Regarding the colors, I see that the white ones also have a lot of output”, she adds.

And for the couple’s happiness, there are many lingerie options! “Men like models with panties and a bra, going through more complete ones – with corsets, stockings and garters –, to shorter nightgowns combined with thongs”, says Patrícia.

Lingerie with animal prints also tend to please. Lace and/or ruffles are welcome and give a more romantic look to the pieces.


“I love lingerie. It’s silly to say that men don’t notice. I get super excited when my girlfriend buys a new set and puts it on for me to see. Regarding the colors, I like the black ones and also the leopard ones. The panties preferably have to be thong, but any differentiated and sensual model is welcome”, says Diego Martins, 28 years old.

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“On a day-to-day basis, I find it a bit complicated to wear sexy lingerie, as most of them are not comfortable. But on special occasions or when I want to do something different for my boyfriend, I think lingerie gives the final touch to the surprise! I really like corselets, panties and garter belts in strong colors, like red, purple and blue. As for daily wear, I prefer the comfortable but without neglecting femininity. I choose bras and panties with animal prints, lace and polka dots. I think it’s important to vary, even some men say they don’t notice it”, comments Aline Ribeiro, 25 years old.

10 lingerie set options

The secret is to take advantage of the wide variety that the market offers, be attentive to the news and always innovate to surprise your loved one! More than pleasing him, you will be investing in his well-being, improving your self-esteem and, automatically, your relationship with your partner.

Below you can see a gallery with suggestions for 10 sets that will drive your partner crazy! Get inspired!

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