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15 Photos that prove that not every pet is a flower that smells

Having a pet at home is not very different from having a child: sometimes they know how to behave, eat what they should, tidy up their things and respect the rules, but sometimes they do just the opposite: mess after mess . But there are also those who behave like humans and who lead us to think that animals really absorb our way of thinking and acting.

you know the awesome.club is passionate about animals. Today, we bring you some photos that show the ridiculously fun side of pets. Check it out and get ready for the bonus that we left for the end!

1. “My cat and his art in saying X”

2. “I will bite your book until you give up on it and start paying attention to me”

3. “My brother’s cat seeing a dog for the first time”

4. “All I wanted was to have my coffee in peace”

5. “She looks cute, but she has teeth too sharp for the skin on my fingers”

6. In the background, the soundtrack of Mission Impossible

7. “Not even in the bathroom do you give me a little peace!”

8. “Cats like warm places. I think it’s 32°C in the corner of the wall”

9. “The joy of those who loved the new gift”

10. “Today, we discovered that a labrador does not fit in a cat door”

11. “How my cat looks at me every night. Nightmares are inevitable

12. “Someone wants attention”

13. “Breakfast is late”

14. “Lately, my cat’s obsession is sitting on top of his big brother”

15. “Hi, the window looked broken so I decided to fix it for you”

Bonus: “We put a GPS on my cat and it drew a cat-shaped trail”

What’s the most humane behavior you’ve noticed in your pet? Tell us in the comments and share a photo!

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