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15+ Princess Charlotte looks that prove she’s a mini style icon

Six-year-old Princess Charlotte is already being called a mini fashion icon. As soon as Kate Middleton’s daughter appears in public, in any outfit, all copies of these outfits are bought in one day. And when the girl was just 9 months old, a shade of lipstick was named after her.

we, from awesome.clubwe decided to analyze the details of the princess’s style.

The public saw Princess Charlotte for the first time on May 2, 2015, on the steps of the hospital where the little girl was born. Even then, the colors of the mother’s and daughter’s clothes were the same. Kate was wearing a white and yellow floral dress, while Charlotte wore a light yellow cap and was swaddled in a white blanket.

Kate chooses old-style clothes for her children as she is a fan of classic design. For Charlotte’s royal outings, high-waisted dresses with lantern sleeves are chosen. Lace collar or round collar type “Peter Pan” are also widely used. In this case (see photo), mother and daughter were dressed in pink.

Here Charlotte has the same dress as in the photo above, but in blue. These are clothes found on the market, in this case, a piece from the Little Alice London brand. By the way, the shoes match the dress.

Kate also dresses her daughter in knitwear: check out this burgundy sweater.

On the princess’s second birthday, the royal family shared a photo of Charlotte wearing a yellow cardigan with sheep drawings, perfect for spring weather.

When you see the sheep in the princess’ cardigan, you can remember her grandmother’s iconic sweater, Lady Di, which even appeared in the TV series “The Crown”. Interesting detail, isn’t it? By the way, the full name of the little princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

In summer, little princesses wear sleeveless dresses, sunglasses and can run barefoot.

The images of the little princess are always in harmony with the mother’s outfits. Left, mother and daughter in pink and purple. On the right, 4-year-old Charlotte wearing a 140-pound double-breasted coat from Amaia Kids. Although Kate Middleton is wearing a gray coat, she wears a green hat, bag and shoes that match her daughter’s outfits.

Despite her young age, Charlotte has attended three weddings as a bridesmaid. At Pippa Middleton’s party, the girl was wearing a cute dress with a pink bow, which matched Kate’s outfit.

Accessories add a special touch to white bridesmaid dresses. At Princess Eugenia’s wedding, Charlotte wore a green belt and a leaf ornament in her hair. And at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, an elegant wreath of flowers on her head.

Charlotte on her 4th birthday. She no longer wore children’s sandals, but casual sneakers. Detail: no holes in the ears, bracelets or chains. Even the hair clip is functional, it leaves the hairstyle well finished.

First day of school (in England, children go to school at age 5). Charlotte does not wear hats like adult royals. But you may have already noticed that the color of the bow always matches the rest of the outfit.

At school, the little princess wears a uniform, like all the other students, including her brother Prince George.

Previously, the waist of princess dresses was high, but now it has gone down to a more customary level. Here we see the classic “Peter Pan” collar again.

In honor of Princess Charlotte’s 5th birthday, Kensington Palace shared a photo of the girl in a full-collared Zara dress. It goes without saying that this model was immediately swept off the shelves by fans of the royal family, did it?
In this photo, the princess delivers, with her parents, food baskets to lonely elderly people: this is how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge connect their children to charity.

The print on Charlotte’s dress is “pied-de-poule”, in England it is called “houndstooth”. Interestingly, Kate loves this drawing. In addition, clothes made from this fabric used to be worn by Princess Diana.

You won’t see a princess in pants or shorts at official events. But for a family vacation in the middle of nature, this outfit is perfectly suited.

Leggings, boots, sweater—everything is comfortable and practical.

On her 6th birthday, Charlotte appeared before the public in a floral dress that, it seems, can be called the characteristic style of the young princess. The costume has caused joy in the English media and among fans of the royal family. The girl said that she was not 6, but 16. “I will do what I want”, the “adult” daughter said to her father, which undoubtedly moved everyone.

Interestingly, the birthday girl appeared for the first time in public with her hair down, without bobby pins.
Charlotte is also often compared to her famous great-grandmother Elizabeth II.

Do you think Princess Charlotte really looks like her?

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