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15 Orange Juice Recipes to Refresh Anytime

Imagine a full breakfast, the kind you find in hotels or soap operas! As fast as you’ve done this imagination exercise, it’s quite possible that orange juice is among the foods and drinks you’ve been thinking about.

A favorite drink for adults and children alike, orange juice has the advantage of being affordable and very easy to make. In addition, it is very rich in nutrients, with good doses of vitamin C, flavonoids, folic acid, potassium and magnesium. For those who want to incorporate it into their diet in a creative way and, at the same time, increase its benefits, check out a selection of the best combinations of orange juice below.

1. Orange, Carrot and Ginger Juice

Have you ever thought about incorporating the sweetness of orange and carrot with the unusual and tasty spiciness of ginger? For this, you will need the juice of squeezed oranges, chopped carrots, water and grated ginger. Put everything in the blender and you’re done! You already have a tasty and functional refreshment to drink right away. Check the quantities in the full recipe.

2. Orange and strawberry juice

As much as homemade orange juice is delicious on its own, there are times when all we want is a juice just like the one served in this or that restaurant. Well then! If your craving is for Outback’s strawberry orange juice, it’s time to learn how to make it at home! The secret is to beat the frozen strawberries, making them softer and with a different density than orange juice. Learn all the tricks.

3. Orange and kale juice

In need of a tasty and refreshing detox? A tip is to combine the benefits of orange juice with those of kale, ensuring an antioxidant drink capable of improving the functioning of the intestine. In addition to sugar or sweetener, only 3 ingredients are used: orange, kale and water. See the step by step.

4. Orange, lemon and carrot juice

If there’s one thing cooking shows teach us, it’s that a little acidity is great for enhancing and balancing flavors. That’s what this nutritious and delicious recipe does, which adds a touch of lemon to the traditional carrot orange juice. Instead of water, use ice cubes for more texture and refreshment. Check out the full recipe.

5. Orange, Beetroot and Ginger Juice

Alone, orange is already an excellent antioxidant. Now, imagine the orange combined with another powerful antioxidant, like beetroot? Add to that the thermogenic and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and the result is this delicious, functional and very practical juice. Learn how to.

6. Orange, beet and cabbage juice

Another detox juice option, this recipe bets on the combination of orange juice with cabbage, beetroot and – surprise ingredient! – dried plums. The good thing is that, in addition to naturally sweetening the juice, plums also help prevent constipation. Shall we check out the recipe?

7. Orange and cherry juice

It is common that, after making a recipe with maraschino cherries, you end up with some left in the fridge. If this happens to you, don’t let them spoil! Instead, how about blending them with orange juice? See the step by step.

8. Orange juice with papaya and flaxseed

You’ve already seen that incorporating health benefits is with orange juice, right? In the case of this one, it has papaya fibers, which help in the functioning of the intestine, and flaxseed, good for relieving PMS symptoms. To make it, just mix these two ingredients with the orange juice in the blender. Check the quantities in the full recipe.

9. Orange, kale and strawberry juice

Like the orange, the strawberry is also antioxidant and rich in vitamin C. More importantly, it is a fruit full of flavor and goes very well with some cabbage leaves and orange juice, as in this recipe. Find out how to do it.

10. Orange, plum, papaya and linseed juice

For those who suffer from lazy intestines, this recipe is a holy remedy. That’s because it combines the laxative powers of papaya, flaxseed and plum. Besides, of course, being very tasty thanks to the addition of orange and lemon juices. See the list of quantities and ingredients.

11. Orange, pineapple and carrot juice

Looking for a refreshing, tropical orange juice recipe? Blendable in a juicer or blender, this recipe incorporates the sweetness and acidity of pineapple. The result is a refreshing and very beautiful juice to serve on hot days. Login to see the full recipe.

12. Orange, pineapple and apple juice

An apple, a slice of pineapple and the juice of an orange. That’s all you need to make this shovel-pum-blend recipe. It is worth remembering that the more rustic it is (apple with peel, orange with slices), the richer it will be in fibers. But it’s up to you! Learn step by step.

13. Orange juice with banana

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is basically made with two fruits that we always have at home: oranges and bananas, whatever the type. To make it sweeter, the secret is not to beat the orange pomace. Check out this and other tips in the video.

14. Orange, mango and chia juice

Healthy and perfect for those who like sweet and full-bodied drinks, this juice is another nutritious and quick option to make. Just mix all the ingredients in the blender. No wonder, the video with the step by step doesn’t even last a minute!

15. Orange, carrot and apple juice

A good option to reinforce the diet of children who have difficulty consuming fruits and vegetables, the recipe also has a touch of lemon for a more balanced and tasty result. To sweeten, prefer molasses over traditional sugar.

Wasn’t salivating from these recipes enough to convince you to drink more orange juice? Then check out the benefits of vitamin C for beauty and health!

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