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12 options to have fun with the kids during the holidays

Whenever the holiday season approaches, parents need to unfold the difficult mission of finding ways to keep the kids entertained, preferably getting as much time away from the TV, video game and computer as possible.

A beautiful family trip is always unforgettable, but factors such as money and parents’ work commitments do not always allow the family to enjoy traveling, especially if it is large.

Even so, vacations represent more than a time away from studies, they are an excellent opportunity to get closer, get out of the routine and strengthen the relationship between parents, children and siblings through experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime.

So that you can enjoy this period in the best way, having fun together with your children, we have selected some options of activities that you can do together to guarantee an unforgettable and very fruitful vacation even without traveling far from home.

to do indoors

1 – Cooking Class

With the supervision of a responsible adult, preparing a chocolate cake or any other recipe can be a guarantee of lots of fun for both girls and boys. In addition, you can take the opportunity to teach questions such as the hygiene necessary to prepare anything in the kitchen, the dangers of fire and knives and the need to always have an adult with you. After that, just prepare the aprons, the sprinkles and get your hands dirty without worrying about the mess they will surely make.

2 – Theater, music and dance

A surefire way to amuse children is to propose that they put on a play at home. Let them produce the scenery themselves, create the costumes, put makeup on each other and perform singing and dancing. You can get in the mood and participate or just be part of the audience, photographing and filming everything for the little artists to watch later.

3 – Popcorn Session

This is an activity that costs very little and can be a lot of fun, especially on rainy or cold days. Let your children choose their favorite characters and superheroes, prepare the TV room leaving it as dark as in the cinema, spread out cushions, pillows and blankets making everything very comfortable. Make lots of popcorn, juice or hot chocolate and watch with them. If so, let them invite some friends over. Suggest that they design the tickets for the entrance of each session and don’t worry, because surely the fun is due to the creativity they have to spare.

4 – Pajama Party

When a child gets together with another, it’s fun for sure, but if parents contribute and participate, everything can be even cooler. Organizing a sleepover and inviting one or more little friends or cousins ​​to attend can certainly be quite a party. To spice things up, you can provide fun pillows and separate pillows for the famous little war that sooner or later ends up happening. After that, the little ones fall asleep and can be woken up the next day with a delicious breakfast.

5 – Storytelling

Once upon a time… This is how you can start an afternoon of adventures that can last into the night. If you are not in the habit of reading to your children, they will certainly love to get out of the routine with this activity that awakens the child’s imagination, stimulates their creativity and sharpens the taste for reading that will be essential in adult life. For starters, you can pay a visit to the children’s section of a bookstore and choose some books. When it’s time to tell the story, you can perfect the interpretations and make everything even more interesting.

6 – Games Championships

Children are encouraged from an early age to be competitive. Whether at school or among siblings, competition is present and they love it, but in any type of competition, the most important thing is to make them understand that knowing how to compete is much more important than winning. With that in mind, proposing a mini-championship of board games, dominoes, cards, mime or even video games, can be a fun way of integration. And they can make the medals themselves, while you prepare a special gift for all the participants and champions.

to do outside

1 – Clubs and pools

No child can resist an afternoon at the pool. If you don’t have a pool and don’t belong to any club where you can take the kids to enjoy a day in the sun, the option may be the water parks where you pay admission and can stay all day. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, floats and snacks and fruits, as being in the water usually makes the little ones hungry.

2 – Picnic

You don’t have to go far to find a beautiful park with grass and a shady tree for you to take the kids for a picnic. In your city, there should probably be a perfect space for this. Plan ahead and let them help you choose the fruits and prepare the food you will take with you. After lunch, playing tag outside can end the tour with a flourish.

3 – Fishing

Even the most agitated children can surrender to a good family fishing. In addition to allowing a quieter conversation, this activity also helps to develop concentration and especially the patience of children who are anxious waiting for a fish. Some fishing grounds offer special attractions for children to have fun while parents relax, but ideally, everyone participates in the activity together.

4 – Camp

Here’s a perfect activity to bring the whole family together, a camping trip. And if the family is not the adventurous type, even the backyard can be the stage for this experience. If possible, provide flashlights, sleeping bags and tents, otherwise a tent of sheets and blankets set up in the room will do. For those who are going to venture into the backyard, prepare the repellent and get in the mood without giving up and going to bed at night.

5 – Parks

There’s no way to talk about a park without thinking about fun, so this is one of the most visited attractions during the holidays. In addition to the amusement parks, there are also public parks, where you can play ball, ride a bike, skate, rollerblade and much more, activities that are welcome for children at any time of year.

6 – Cultural Programming

During the holidays, there are several cultural attractions aimed specifically at children. Visiting museums, exhibitions and aquariums can be a fun and culturally enriching experience. To make it beautiful, try to stay on top of the theme of the exhibition, so you can play the role of a guide yourself and have the pleasure of teaching your child.

Now you already have several options to have fun with your children during the period without classes. Enjoy, happy holidays!

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