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Mount pants: the piece that leaves your look elegant and comfortable

Mount pants are perfect for women who are looking for legging-style pants, but being a more sophisticated piece, it makes the look less informal. Inspired by the costume of knights and amazons, the riding pants bring to the look all the elegance of the sport.

Unlike leggings, the fabric of the riding pants is thicker, as, according to personal and corporate image consultant Marcele Goes, they are made of cotton with a little elastane. “Polyester crepes, polyamide knits and other thicker fabrics are also used”, she adds.

Another difference between riding pants and leggings is that the pants are open at the front allowing for a better fit, in addition to pockets and specific cutouts on the inside of the legs and knee region where the rider and horse rub against each other.

Where can you go with your riding pants?

Despite the pants being more elegant than the leggings, their fabric, very similar to the leggings, makes the piece casual. It also closely resembles tailored pants, but again its fabric does not allow the piece to have all the formality of a tailored pants, as Marcele details.

“This means that she does well in outings where elegance is desired (meetings with friends in the evening at home or in a restaurant, going to the movies, visiting someone) and more relaxed work moments in less formal areas (creative areas such as fashion, music, events, marketing, retail service)”, summarizes the consultant.

On the other hand, more formal jobs ask for pants that are made of a more suitable fabric, so you should avoid using riding pants. Also at times during work when there is more formality, such as meetings, the piece should be avoided.

How to use and vary with riding pants

The riding pants are made for women who like to highlight their physical attributes and send a message of up-to-date fashion. “No matter how tight the pants are, there’s no escaping these highlights”, points out Marcele.

To always hit the right time to wear riding pants, bet on the combination with shirt or t-shirt. Boots and closed shoes are perfect accessories to wear with riding pants. “More delicate accessories match well with this piece that has basic and sporty lines”, says the consultant.

Trousers with t-shirt

Women who like a more casual look can bet on the combination riding pants and t-shirt. It’s a look that goes well for occasions that call for casual clothes and don’t require formalities.

It is worth investing in longer t-shirts to hide the hip area. To complete the look, bet on boots or sneakers. For the look to stay current, the suggestion is to use accessories that stand out, just being careful not to be exaggerated when using them with printed t-shirts.

Trousers with shirt

For those who want to invest in a less casual look, the idea is to combine riding pants with a shirt. It is a great option for those who want, and can, wear riding pants at work, as long as the environment is not so formal.

The option is to make a look with a longer shirt, also to disguise the hip region. To make the look more tidy, bet on heeled shoes, especially closed ones, such as pumps.

There is also the possibility of creating more casual looks with the shirts. For this, create lashings with them and invest in accessories that go beyond the obvious, such as berets.

riding pants in winter

The riding pants are perfect to wear in winter. Because it is more sophisticated than leggings, it becomes a very viable alternative for cold days and when you want to create a more tidy look.

Marcele’s suggestion is to combine riding pants with ankle boots, more structured shirts and straighter knitting or blazer pieces to finish off. Thus, you have a perfect look to wear on the coldest days.

Trousers with elegant looks

As mentioned earlier, riding pants are perfect for creating more elegant looks. “Prefer darker pants that will draw less attention to thighs and buttocks and choose fitted models, but not too tight to the body”, is the consultant’s orientation to get it right at these times.

To complete the look with great elegance, what Marcele advises is that the other pieces are more discreet, covering the body to compensate for the tighter pants. Here heels are indispensable and blazers can be the piece that completes and leaves the perfect look for occasions that call for more tidy looks.

How to choose the perfect riding pants for you

There are some tips that can help you when choosing riding pants, especially if you are in doubt whether or not it is worth having a piece like this in your wardrobe.

According to Marcele, riding pants can be used by plus size women, as long as they don’t have bulky hips and legs. “The riding pants will highlight these regions and help to flatten the silhouette. If the person has more voluminous bust and arms then it is already a good choice”, she adds.

If your fear is that the pants are transparent, the tip is to bet on the right fabrics and dark colors. The most structured, such as crepes, neoprenes, dubbed viscose, suedines are the most recommended fabrics by the consultant, as well as medium to dark colors, such as black, brown and navy blue.

Mount pants are ideal for those who need to model the body. “It works for those who are thinner, don’t have a lot of waist and hips and want to gain curves. For those who have a big bust and want to increase the bottom part, it is also an option”, emphasizes Marcele.

8 riding pants for you to invest in

Mount pants are a good option, especially following the tips given above. If they convinced you, it’s time to take a look at the gallery below and check out the 8 riding pants that were selected for you to invest in:

Inspirations to wear riding pants in your day to day

Mount pants are the piece that will make your look more elegant, so it’s worth betting on the piece for everyday life. See some inspirations below and incorporate the piece into your looks.

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