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12 Magical Movies To Make You Forget About All Your Troubles

When problems start to pile up all at once, you want to get distracted and get lost in some magical world where the most amazing things are possible and all our outstanding problems and worries at work mean nothing.

O awesome.club prepared a list of films that can guarantee you a few hours of magic, tranquility and tenderness.


A girl from a magical world fell in love with a prince and this greatly angered her stepmother. With the help of her magic, the evil queen sends the poor girl to modern Manhattan, and in this harsh reality, the princess must somehow survive. It is worth mentioning that this turned out to be something ridiculous and fascinating at the same time. In the film there is an irony about the old Disney tricks that coexist with magic and an incredibly good love story.

The Golden Compass

Lyra, 12, goes on a trip to the North Pole to save a kidnapped friend. The girl is helped by the witches of the north and a huge polar bear in armor. But the evil Mrs. Coulter and his army of monsters block your way. Beautiful and exciting graphic animations, perfect actors and a fascinating script are some of the ingredients of The Golden Compass🇧🇷

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The search and study of magical creatures takes English magician Newt Scamander to New York. But his plans fall apart because he left his suitcase in a restricted area and some of his fantastic animals escaped it. Recommended for all fans of Harry Potter and for those who love good stories.

The Home of Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

In his childhood, Jacob often heard his grandfather’s stories about an orphanage for extraordinary children. For example, a girl who could hold fire in her hands or one who was able to fly. When his grandfather died, sixteen-year-old Jacob goes to an orphanage and meets all of its inhabitants. A beautiful enigmatic world and a really interesting story.

Tomorrowland — A Place Where Nothing Is Impossible

When a mysterious object falls into Casey’s hands, opening access to a parallel reality, she turns to a cynical hero for help: inventor Frank. The girl has to decipher the mystery of a place that is out of our reality and is known as “Tomorrowland”, at the same time she has to convince Frank to return to the place where he was expelled. A production that combines great actors and an extraordinary script.

Sixteen moons

Lena lives in a small town. Throughout her life, she tried to temper her strength and her sorcery ability, which for many centuries haunted her family. At the same time, young Ethan falls unconditionally in love with her and tries to reveal the secret of that surprising connection that has emerged. A mystical film, with a fascinating script.

Oz: Magic and Mighty

Oz the Great and Powerful

When a hurricane sends Oscar Diggs, a Kansas circus magician, to the wonderful country of Oz, the fraud-prone artist believes he has been lucky, because with the help of his tricks he can easily gain fame and wealth in new lands. It is a film full of malice, with brilliant images and memorable characters.

Frozen a freezing adventure

When the old prediction comes true and the kingdom is plunged into a time of eternal winter, three brave heroes – Princess Anna, brave Kristoff and their faithful reindeer Sven – head to the mountains to find Anna’s sister Elsa, who can break the spell of winter in the country. It’s a charming caricature with tender heroes, it’s impossible not to love them.

A Tale of Destiny

Peter is a thief who has fallen in love with the wonderful Beverly. But their love was born under an unlucky star: Beverly dies of an incurable disease, and Peter is destined to die at the hands of his former mentor, Pearly Soames. He desperately tries to fight for his true love: across the centuries, against the forces of darkness. It’s a romantic fairy tale about love, dream, justice and hope. Definitely worth your time.

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin

The main hero is the young journalist Tintin. Thanks to his profession, he travels the world and has very interesting adventures. It’s a wonderful project by Steven Spielberg that teaches us to look at the world with interest, as there are so many miracles! Fabulous graphic animation and a really exciting adventure.

The Pharaoh’s Mummies

Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec

The year is 1912. The courageous journalist Adele is willing to do anything to achieve her goal, despite having to go to Egypt and face mummies of all shapes and sizes. During this time, in the natural history museum in Paris, a brood of pterodactyl eggs begins to terrorize the city’s inhabitants. A courageous adventure by Luc Besson, which every child is excited about, even if they are over 20 years old.

Doctor Strange

A terrible car accident ruined the career of successful neurosurgeon Doctor Strange. Desperate, he sets out on a journey in search of a cure and discovers incredible abilities to transform time and space. The cast includes the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton, and that is already a very important reason to see this extraordinary adaptation of the world of comics.

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